In 2012, once awake all the volcanoes?

In 2012, once awake all the volcanoes?

End of the world can come out of the ground. The time is right …

Mankind, it seems, does not rest until he has passed the notorious date on which the Mayans supposedly appointed end.


Numerous educators are tired to explain: the Maya predicted the end of the world is not on your calendar. Both the calendar does not terminate December 21, 2012, as some people think. On this day, just give another great cycle period of 5126 years. Fifth Sun, or, in the terminology and beliefs of the ancient Indians. And begin Sixth Sun.

No, do not trust people. And waiting for a specified time of any disaster that will destroy life on Earth. But scientists may be unwittingly regularly provoke fears.

Recently, researchers from the universities here in Sydney, Bergen and Hawaii alerted the world that is a strange pulse of the subsoil. It turned out that in the history of the world there have been periods when the time erupted almost all the volcanoes on it. And there comes a living hell. End of the world for the creatures that lived while on earth. Although someone survived. And life, albeit in a different form, but continued. What is the confirmation. On the one hand: the bones of dinosaurs — those who lived up to one of the massive eruptions. On the other: a diverse creatures, including us. That is, those who live for after — waiting for the next disaster.


Volcanologists looked into violent past of our planet for several million years. Checked all her hot spots — from the Hawaiian Islands to the Kuril, from Iceland to North America with its supervolcanoes in Yellowstone. Global eruption started 10, 22, 30, 40, 49 and 60 million years ago. That is roughly every 10 million years. And among them was restless: volcanic activity increases strongly 4, 15, 34, 45 and 65 million years ago. Duration of second period was 5 million years. It is a just and got dinosaurs that ended his era 65 million years ago.

And we are facing even more powerful disaster — from the front row. After 10 million years either already passed, or are about to pass. Maybe X hour in 2012, and will come.

Of course, there are competing theories. And according to her asteroid killed the dinosaurs. But opponents of the "impact from space" referred to earlier events. For example, those that occurred 200 million years ago. Then the end of the world for the archosaurs — the dinosaurs predecessors and competitors. And they just ruined volcanoes, lava of which flooded vast areas in Siberia and India today.

Together with the archosaurs disappeared from Earth more than 60 percent of the plants.

Cause simultaneous eruptions, scientists still do not know. Consequently, can not be predicted. But that danger exists, not exclusive. Moreover, indicate the potential of its sources.

Bad example MARS

Mount St. Helens — an active volcano. Located in the western U.S.. Last activity was registered in 2004. But further emission of hot gas and steam did not get. And in 1980 a strong eruption killed 57 people, several cities were covered with a thick layer of ash.

Even then — in 1980 — the scientists explored the area in the bowels of the volcano. And found at a depth of 15 kilometers strange and very extensive structure, conductive. Suggested that this cavity with water. And settle down. But recent studies have shown that there is a reason to not get worked up, and panic.

Graham Hill of the New Zealand Institute for Nuclear Research and the earth had a new sounding, using better equipment. He found: no there is not water. Under a mountain of St. Helena are huge cavities of molten rock, which run in one direction for 50 kilometers to another — by 70. A relatively narrow channel, which now comes from the bowels of the volcano, joined by several more. It is possible that the system extends to the lava-covered Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho), which is the largest, but the extinct volcano of the continent — the so-called Yellowstone caldera. And smaller counterparts.

If all channels will work once you get the monstrous crater with a diameter of several tens of kilometers. And burst into eruption of unprecedented power.

— It seems that a similar disaster occurred once on Mars — Scarecrow Hill. — Now here is the largest volcano in the solar system — Olympus Mons.

Martian monster height of 27 kilometers — three times higher than Mount Everest, diameter — 550 kilometers. A little farther — three more impressive volcanoes: Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons and Ascraeus Mons, which is likely, too, joined in a single system. Working together, they could greatly harm the planet. Up to the destruction of life on it.

Uneasily, but the giant volcanoes of Mars at about the same latitude as the candidates supervolcanoes on Earth. And it seems arranged relative to each other.

Caught up fear and the Geological Society of London. Eruption of two supervolcanoes is forecasted in Europe: the Phlegraean fields near Naples and close to the island of Kos in the Mediterranean. The researchers recorded the dangerous areas of Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, Kamchatka, Central America. Like, the bowels of each hide huge reservoir of magma.

One miserable volcanoes in Iceland with an unpronounceable name, remember, was nearly paralyzed the whole of human civilization. And what if the bowels asunder again? How to get any scientists? It is terrible to think.

In 2012, once awake all the volcanoes?

According to one hypothesis, life on Mars, killed four giant volcano began erupting simultaneously.


Land needed disasters

— Synchronous eruption in this overpopulated world is better not to think, — said Dr. Donald DePaolo University of California. — Happened — to happen. But not the fact that in the next million years. And the smaller end of the world full of disasters do not threaten. They are even useful on a global scale. Since regulate the conditions of the environment. And most importantly, temperature.

The whole point, according to geochemists, in the cycle of carbon dioxide, from which there is a greenhouse effect and warms the atmosphere. It seems to be billions of years it had accumulated so much that can be poisoned by fumes. However not crazy. Because it rains, storms make it a liquid carbon dioxide. That reacts with the minerals to form limestone, which are washed into the oceans and deposited on the bottom. Thus carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. Next, due to the motion of tectonic plates sediments penetrate into the depths, where the melt.

Carbon dioxide is released and then "injected" into the atmosphere during volcanic eruptions.

— If volcanoes stop adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, — says DePaolo — Earth will turn into a frozen snowball.

But what about people? The main thing — do not overdo it on the part of the saturation of the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Otherwise, the Earth will continue to withdraw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And it threatens powerful hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.
Vladimir Lagowski

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