In Antarctica was colder — say U.S. scientists

The melting of the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland.  © RIA Novosti.  Photo by Ivan Zakharchenko

In Antarctica, the last 35 years it has become much colder, and the temperature continues to fall, despite the global warming observed in the world, the conclusion made by U.S. researchers.

While the temperature of the rest of the continents increased over the last century, Antarctica is resisting the trend, although the reasons for this remain a mystery.

Over the last century the average temperature of the world's growing every ten years by 0.06 degrees Celsius. The exception was the period between 1979-1998 years, when the warming trend was more pronounced — 0.19 degrees Celsius.

Data from the meteorological stations in Antarctica but indicate that the weather in this continent is getting colder: the temperature there is reduced at a rate of 0.7 degrees Celsius per decade.

These results, published in the journal "Nature", challenged the orthodox theory of climate change, according to which the effects of global warming should increase at the poles of the world. A study conducted by Peter Dorani (Peter Doran) from the University of Illinois in Chicago suggests that current theories to explain this effect is not without flaws, because it does not take into account the phenomenon of cooling in Antarctica. According to researchers, assessing the rising waters in the seas may also be inaccurate, since previous studies consistently predicted effects of warming in Antarctica.

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