In Belarus to another is not very different Russia

Acting Moldovan President and Parliament Speaker Mihai Ghimpu will soon arrive on an official visit to Belarus. This is today's press service of the Moldovan Parliament.

According to "Interfax-West" The agreement on the visit was reached during a meeting between Mikhail Ghimpu with the chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Rubinov. Meeting took place at the forum of heads of parliaments of European countries, which ended yesterday in Geneva.

The two sides discussed "the possibility of introducing a number of joint projects at the economic level, partnership-building and the creation of the Moldovan-Belarusian joint ventures in order to ensure the markets of the two countries with quality products and services."

M. Ghimpu urged interlocutor install the necessary economic mechanisms to facilitate the export of Moldovan wines on the Belarusian market.

He also asked the Belarusian authorities to assist in overcoming the effects of floods, primarily, in the construction of housing.

In June, during the Russian-Belarusian conflict Ghimpu was one of the first to call and supported Lukashenko in Minsk this conflict.

In his speech at the forum in Geneva, Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament called on his colleagues in the European countries "to assist in solving the problem of withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Moldova."

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