In Bolivia, the agency created by Mother Earth and climate justice

 Bolivian President Evo Morales signed a law protecting the Bolivian "Mother Earth", Latin American media reported.

The new law introduces the concept of "Mother Earth", defining it as "sacred" and "dynamic living system." It also creates a special agency to protect "Mother Earth", which is responsible for protecting the rights of the earth, but has not specified terms of the beginning of this department. All state agencies of the country will be required to assist the new institution.

The law also introduced the so-called climate justice, to ensure the right to demand the Bolivian comprehensive development, which shall not be influenced by climate change and to protect the rights of those who are already affected by climate change.

One of the provisions of law preclude the concentration of ownership in the land, "Mother Earth" and its components in the hands of private owners and establish tight control over the process of the transfer of land to foreigners. With the entry into force of the law all the work the mines and oil companies must comply with its rules.

In Bolivia, developed numerous deposits of raw materials, including oil and gas. The country is the largest producer of tin, has reserves of silver, zinc, tungsten, and copper. Recently, Morales said the state could nationalize all natural resources that belong to the people and should be managed by the state, so that the main services in this area can not be the subject of private business.

Previously, Morales said that the share of foreign companies implementing projects in the oil and gas sector of Bolivia, could be nationalized if these companies do not fulfill their investment commitments.

The new law also introduces liability for damage to "Mother Earth" and requires the offender to ensure the restoration of the natural balance. Conflict with the law and may be subject to criminal prosecution, and without access to a suspended sentence.

Two years ago in Bolivia has adopted a law on the rights of "Mother Earth", which in this document serves as a living person and legal entity. Thus, the "mother earth" has the right to life, water and clean air.

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