In Canada, the National Day of sweaters remind Climate Change

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada, on Thursday, February 7, will hold the next National Day sweater — a festival designed to remind you of energy conservation and climate change, the organization said.

In the National Day sweaters WWF Canada offers all residents to dress a little warmer and a few degrees lower temperature heating in homes. Thus, environmentalists are trying to draw attention to the problem of climate change caused by human activities, and in particular the burning of fossil fuels.

"Climate change — one of our priorities, both in Canada and around the world. This is probably the most significant environmental threat to all species, including our own. This is a huge problem, and it is not easy to handle, so we need to involve the public , "- said the coordinator of the program" Climate and Energy "WWF Canada Logren Josh, quoted organization.

Everyone is welcome to announce their participation or to arrange a surprise to friends, checking in on a special website — everyone who wants to celebrate the National Day of sweaters, on Thursday will call reminders Canadian grandmother, who offered to become environmentalists "ambassadors" of the holiday.

First Day sweaters was in Canada four years ago. In 2012, the action involved more than 1.5 million Canadians and nearly 300 organizations, and this year is expected to WWF, the holiday will be even more ambitious.

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