In China, began selling tickets for «Noahs Ark 2012»

In China, began selling tickets for "Noah's Ark 2012" — the fear of the people before the end of the world is so strong that it is used by fraudsters. The cost of each ticket — one million yuan.

In China, after the earthquake in Japan in all major cities panic, residents bought salt, soy sauce, and even pickles, but because salt can supposedly protect the body from radiation.

As reported by the Hong Kong newspaper "Minbaev", one of the largest Chinese Internet portals "Sinlan" announced the sale of tickets for the "Noah's Ark — 2012," and even noted the location of the "Tibetan Noah's Ark" on the map Google.

The contact phone number on the ticket said that the Chinese government is building a "Noah's Ark" for members of the upper strata of society, who can pay one billion yuan. But they have developed a plan for "Noah's Ark" for the ordinary people in China, only one million yuan per person. To the "sail", they are going in April and May 2012.
It is also reported that there will be a tsunami, the wave height of which will reach up to 300 meters. South China — such as the province of Guangxi and Guangdong will be sunk. According to their plan, they will go on the road from the Inner Mongolia in north-eastern part of China to the caves in the high mountains, where they will not be afraid of any flood or earthquake or volcanic eruption.

According to them, they already have a list of interested persons, they were recommended to sell the apartment and car to pay for the ticket.

The news provoked a strong reaction from residents China. "It sounds crazy, people in China are already so do not believe in a sustainable future, that they are ready like a drowning man grasping at straws, so these rumors, as in the case of bulk purchase of salt against radiation, easily beset the population", — commented in the discussion of one Chinese .

Some Internet users in China were of the opinion that if you try to find the causes of this phenomenon, in today's society in China, thanks to years of ideological influence of the Communist Party of China, there is no commonality between people, lost faith in the gods, mixed up the value of life and destroyed traditions. So when there is a disaster, all care only about themselves and do not expect help from the others, each on its own. But, for example, in Japan after the earthquake, people have shown a rather different nature. "

According to the Internet users, in 2010, China has had a similar case, after the movie "2012!". Then came the Internet, even tickets, which cost billions of yuan, but as stated by ticket holders in 2010, we must first pay just 1 yuan for registration, 1 yuan for gasoline and 1 yuan for taxes. And forbidden to take mistresses, but only close relatives. Then everything just took this as a joke.

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