In Gomel activists seized greeting cards

In Homel activist police seized more than 200 greeting cards in honor of the proclamation of the sovereignty of Belarus on July 27.

Activists Vasily Polyakov, Yuri Glushakova and Larissa Schiryakova kept at the station for more than two hours for the fact that they were handing out greeting cards to passersby. The police found in the text of cards "information antypalitychnay direction."

In the card said that "July 27, 1990 in Minsk, adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus. This document is the first formal step toward independence of Belarus. It is with of the day marked the beginning of a new history our country. The problem of the independence of Belarus is directly linked to democracy, freedom and the well-being of each individual. The independence of our country — this is one of the main factors and the guarantee of building a free and democratic society. The logic of events and common sense suggest that freedom would return to Belarus, and the independence of the country would be enormous value of the Belarusian people. "



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