In Hong Kong, learn to identify the sex of the child before its conception




Doctors from a clinic in Hong Kong say that learn to identify the sex of the baby on the calendar before conception. The new service is part of a package of pregnancy worth more than 6000 dollars.

The clinic promises a refund if its prediction will be wrong.

The creators of the new method claim that they are willing to give almost a hundred percent guarantee.

"Fifteen studies have shown that our method of determining the sex of works in 98% of cases," — said in an interview with Hong Kong-based newspaper "Standard" the founder of a new clinic Ming Yu

He emphasizes that the definition of sex does not require medical intervention, although customers will have the clinic to give blood and fill out an extensive medical questionnaire. Then, in consultation with the parents they select the best day and time for conceiving the desired gender. The new method involves a set of exercise and diet.

"Our method is natural in nature and is based on the cyclical fluctuations in the ovary and the polarity of the sperm," — said in an interview with Hong Kong's Ming newspaper.

If such a service will be a success in Hong Kong, Ming plans to begin an extensive expansion of the Chinese market.

"In China, the demand for such a service must be enormous. Due to the policy of" one family — one child "parents are very responsible attitude to future generations," — he said.

Under the current law prohibits Chinese doctors report the parents of the child field, if it becomes known after the ultrasound examination. This is done in order to avoid a large number of abortions, if it turns out that the child — a girl. Most married couples in traditional Chinese want a boy-heir.

Conscious sex selection before conception so far not regulated by Chinese law, RIA "Novosti".


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