In Kupala started jubilee restoration

The team celebrated Kupala theater This year, notes just two anniversaries: 120 years from the time of the construction of the historic building and the 90th anniversary of the theater itself. To celebrate the collective achievements at the state level, it was decided to carry out major restoration of the theater, returning him to look, as close as possible to the original.

During more than a century, the theater building radically rebuilt twice, and in the mid-1950s, it has been modified almost beyond recognition. Now the historic building to be restored in accordance with the plan of the architect Karel Kozlovsky, which he embodied in 1890. Project Coordinator for Reconstruction George Vernyakovsky says that over the stylized walls will be the most modern equipment, which will bring theater to European leaders on technical specifications:

George Vernyakovsky

"Our goal was not just to restore historical justice, to restore the lost historical look older Theatre of Belarus, but also to create a better, more comfortable, ergonomic working conditions for the employees of the theater, for the creative staff for all who live here, work and gives us his art. In the theater for the first time in Belarus in the theater building will be used complete system, "smart home." That is a system that will manage all of the air conditioner, heating and all electrical devices in all areas. "

Attending the theater videaprezentatsyi staff and journalists were shown how to change the building from the outside and internally. First of all — as close to the original form of gain facade of the theater. However, the intention to provide more comfort to visitors to significantly reduce the number of seats for spectators — from the previous 520 seats will be four hundred in a renovated building in every way you can transform the stage and the floor in the hall. The very room will be equipped with "Dolby Surround", which will allow the viewer or merge completely with what is happening on stage.

List a refurbished state of the art building of the Ministry of Culture promised before the end of 2012. As assured Deputy Minister Vladimir Karachevsky, no force majeure, the financing will be given;

Vladimir Karachevsky

"There is a public investment program, under which we operate. We plan to claim her. There is a national budget, and with respect to this theater is no doubt should not even arise — say, suddenly run out of money, the construction freeze to happen something. Even on this question correctly. First, Kupala theater — it is our common honor. Second, it's a matter of honor not only the Ministry of Culture, but the whole country. So there is no doubt. Probably some other objects can be deferred to a later date, but this is a strategic site in the heart of the capital, the money under it stand out from the national budget. "

Director General of the National Academic Theatre Pavel Polyakov assures that the period of downtime will not affect the team and the repertoire: within 2 years Kupala will work in temporary venues:

Pavel Polyakov

"Where we live, how we work? We're leaving from the center, and I do not think that the audience will feel some problems with our reconstruction. Main site for which is currently being negotiated — is the Palace of Culture. Small scene moves to the concert hall "Minsk", also on the small stage. Incidentally, yesterday there was already prime minister of our performance, so we are starting to learn to work outside the theater. And not only work, but also to produce our shows. located administratively, technically it everything will be on one line — Masherov avenue. All in one area. "

However, the mood among the actors not only optimistic. It's no secret that salaries theater artists — some of the lowest in the country. Previous guidance Kupala theater even offered his government, stsipleyshy option of reconstruction, in which one could make a greater social gradient for the people. Now, as a theater notes Roman Podolyako, work is more like a hobby, for which no one pays:

Roman Podolyako

"This is a question that must first occur at all. Because that income, which we now get — is, shall we say, a hobby. So, go to the theater, play performances. But if you really want to make money, then do not work here necessary. This is, once again I say, should be regarded as a hobby, for which almost no pay. I do not know how the issue will be resolved (or perhaps already solved for increasing rates and taxes), but I think that the Ministry of Culture should again think about how to find a solution to the issue, that the salary is still approaching the minimum up to 2 million rubles. Indeed, for the money that we now obtain a shame. received a salary, you can just be happy about this as a fact. Nothing more. "

Full-scale work on the reconstruction of the Yanka Kupala Theatre will begin in September. Planned for development of cost — 200 billion rubles.

Kupala theater, the original facade

Being facade Kupala theater

Installation of a new computer room

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