In six cities of Belarus temperature record broken

July 23 in six cities in Belarus temperature record was broken in July.

As the, in Vitebsk on July 23 34,7 ° C — this is the highest temperature in July after 78 years of observations.

In Syanno (Vitebsk region) yesterday was recorded 34,5 ° C, which is 0,1 ° C above absolute record set here a day earlier for the 66 years of observations.

In Klichev Mogilev air warmed up to 34,7 ° C — beaten the absolute record in July in 53 years of observations. Warmer here was only in August 1992 (36,1 ° C).

Even in the two cities of Mogilev region July 23 July absolute record for the 66 years of observations in Slavgorod — 34,9 ° C and Kostiukovichi — 35,8 ° C.

For the first 67 years of records broken as the temperature record on July Zhlobin (Gomel region), where on Friday was 36,2 ° C. Higher temperatures are observed only in August of 2007 — 36,3 ° C.

On Sunday, the weather forecasters predicted, the area Belarus will be in the warm sector of the cyclone center of the Baltic Sea, so in many parts of the country remain hot weather. Places will be short rains with thunderstorms. The temperature at night is expected to reach 16-22 ° C during the day 30-34 ° C. In the south, the heat will drop to 27-29 ° C.

In the Monday, July 26, from the Carpathians to the south-west Belarus fit cold weather front that will slowly displace the hot subtropical air to the north-east.

As reported previously, August forecasters predict a 2-3 degrees colder than in July.



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