In the Kirov region Russian family was denied the right to stay in Russia

In the Kirov region decided to deport from Russia to Uzbekistan whole family. Hope Zakharchenko and her three daughters came to her relatives last year, but could neither find a job, or execute the necessary documents.

"We burned candles, extensions were broken, put in a pan and children wash basin And here in this room, the children slept on the couch, and we're on the floor," — says Nadezhda Zakharchenko.
In this house there is no light, and his people — the right to live in Russia. Head of the family hope Zakharchenko bailiffs already out of the country. The passports of her daughters — citizens of Uzbekistan — also is "black print". In the coming days, along with their children should be put on flights to Tashkent. Expulsion grandchildren Hope Zakharchenko waiting at a local boarding school: a room in a dilapidated house empty.
Children were taken by representatives of the guardianship, because the parents had no money to feed them. For breakfast there was only sweet water and crackers. Not starve except the eldest granddaughter Anastasia. She went to school, where the dining room for the money to feed her teacher
"We offer a job in a school as a cook, but was told — you need a work permit. And there were — who logs … "- says the daughter of Hope Zakharchenko also Hope.
"I was feeding breadcrumbs year-old daughter with water" — said another daughter Hope Zakharchenko, Vera.
Hope Zakharchenko believed that, having arrived in the Kirov region of Uzbekistan, returned home. Because she was born in the area. Little of her foster parents adopted her and taken to Tashkent. After the collapse of the Soviet Union a large family to live with a Russian name abroad was hard.
"We lived in a dormitory, a long corridor was. Our neighbor pocherkala chalk corridor and says it's your Russia — this is my Uzbekistan, on my side Do not go "- says Nadezhda Zakharchenko Bush.
Money to move into an empty farmhouse gave relatives. Wood was not. Keep warm in winter, assorted sheds. From a remote village in the Kirov region Shurma to the regional center can be reached only by boat. A drop off documents for citizenship had to be even further — to Kirov.
Time allotted by law for approval of all procedures and quotas are not working enough. Zakharchenko family in Russia was persona non grata with the prohibition of entry to the territory of the Russian Federation in the next 5 years.
"For administrative violation under Article 18.8 of the Administrative Code, which requires the punishment for violation of the stay was imposed administrative penalties on administrative expulsion," — explains the situation head of the migration control FMS of Russia Vladimir Shindorikov Kirov region.
Hope Zakharchenko problem is that, after leaving Uzbekistan, it has remained a citizen of this country. By law, she had to apply to the Russian Embassy to participate in the "Compatriots". Then it would have helped with the transportation of luggage and finding work.
But after the death of one of his daughters in Tashkent it too quickly packed up and came back to where it was not expected. And came back — where there is no shelter. After all, in a dorm room before leaving was sold.

Author: Alexander Lukyanov

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