In the Leningrad region villagers expelled Asians immigrants for mayhem and rape

Local people turned against migrant workers, Asians working at the local chicken farm - as it turned out, illegally

Local people turned against migrant workers, Asians working at the local chicken farm — as it turned out, illegally

In the village of Victory Leningrad security forces barely averted serious ethnic conflict. Local people turned against migrant workers, Asians working at the local chicken farm — as it turned out, illegally. Residents endured a long time, "lawlessness" — and that for the sake of strangers "squeezed" from the factory, and the fact that workers have begun to establish their own rules. The last straw was the rape of a 45-year resident of the village — one of the few who still keep their jobs, "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

On Tuesday it was reported that the suspect arrested — is a previously convicted 30-year-old native of Uzbekistan Rustamov Sanjar, who lived without registration. As the "", he was caught 20 kilometers from the scene of the crime — in settlement Roshchino. Earlier Vyborg City Court sentenced him to part 4. 111 of the Criminal Code (serious bodily injury that resulted in death of a person by negligence) to 4 years imprisonment suspended for a probationary period of 2 years.

A man has confessed to the crime. The issue of electing him to measure.

As follows from the case, August 9 at night she was directed to a poultry farm "Drummer", where she was due to his leadership after school. In the man attacked a woman of Asian appearance, who brutally beat the victim, raped, and did this to her other violent sexual acts.

Referring to the victim's mother, CP said that the woman was in the hospital with a concussion, a broken nose and bruises all over his body. According to the newspaper, the rapist, who raped the victim of her, finally took her cell phone. She remembered his Asian appearance, from which were born the suspicion that the perpetrator — one of the guest workers.

Three-quarters of people took to the "dismantling" forcing "come in large numbers" to escape to the forest

August 10 evening, the village became a mature public revolt. In the law enforcement agencies of the Vyborg district, it was reported that, prior to factory assembled locals requirement to check compliance with the immigration laws, and to take control of the criminal case of rape.

In place of the departed employees MOI of Russia for the Vyborg district of Leningrad region, Vyborg city prosecutor's office, department of the Federal Migration Service, mayor of the municipality "Roshinsky urban settlement" and the head of administration of the municipality "Vyborg". By that time, the number of those present at the poultry farm has grown to 150 people, according to the website of the regional prosecutor's office. However, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the main street was crowded — sort out three-quarters of the Victory number not less than 250 people.

"We wanted to come out and Gaster, we would have given them a policeman, — told the newspaper one of the participants spontaneous rally. — But could happen lynching, and they were afraid. And then all fled. Jumped down from the windows of his two-story barracks. Many are still hiding in the forest. "

According to the man, in recent months, "come in large numbers" in the village became too much, "somewhere in the hundreds." Poultry farm hut built for them, and now being finished hostel. Migrant workers are willing to work for pennies, the leadership is, of course, profitable, and have begun to survive with Russian companies, including greatly curtailed salary.

But most importantly — in the village became restless, and in the evening just scared, complain residents of Victory. According to them, the migrants drink, not hiding, the local bully, harass women. And now came to rape.

Government representatives listened spontaneous rally participants, and at the same time explain to them that break the law — that is, like that spontaneously assemble — is unacceptable. But heed complaints — when people are still going home, in the village of law enforcement has begun to boil, writes ""

Law enforcers have collected "harvest" of illegal immigrants

During the inspection at the poultry farm were found more than three dozen illegal immigrants. Four more people have caught themselves in the woods and, having beaten and taken to the police. All "collected" 54 illegal immigrant, according to CP. All checked for involvement in the rape. Offender to the victim left a lot of "footprints" — biomaterials, so the detainees took samples for DNA analysis.

Leningrad Region Governor Alexander Drozdenko promised that the perpetrators would be punished severely. And just the other guest workers deported from the country, and in the near future.

While in respect of poultry CEO "Drummer" brought ten administrative affairs — the illegal assigning work to a foreign power, a violation of the sanitary-epidemiological norms and violation of the order for the recruitment, according to the website prosecutors Leningrad.

In order to prevent riots in the village organized a permanent patrol police forces, continue to check in migration law.

Now the village is quiet, but troubled, telling reporters, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", who personally visited the Victory. No guest worker is not seen on the streets, at the very poultry — especially. Only two-story windows of the barracks where they lived illegals still sticking mattresses.

However, the locals finally settle down in no hurry: the events of the last days is still being actively discussed in the settlement. And one of the most frequently asked questions — where are all the law enforcement and illegal immigration fighters were before, says ""

The villagers are very angry, because what happened — not the first offense of this kind in the town of victory, said "New Region". In particular, on June 24 it was reported that the police asked 29-year-old resident of Victory, a statement that a day earlier in a wooded area near the village Kirillovskoe threatening to kill her repeatedly raped by two men of Asian appearance. Rape lasted about 13 to 20 hours.

The Governor proposed a sheriff's office

Governor Drozdenko after the events of August 9-10, ordered the end of August to scour the entire region and catch all the illegal immigrants. They will look at all plants and horticulture. "The situation is almost out of control — leads his words" Komsomolskaya Pravda ". — We have to consider all migrants. And if any of them are working illegally, we will expel. Yes, we do not have enough manpower. But they must abide by our laws. We first need to ensure a safe and comfortable life for our people, for the residents of the Leningrad region. "

The Governor went further. He proposed in the municipalities of its militia, which would be headed by the sheriff — a man who knows all the local people and is responsible for the order. However, for this you need to make changes in federal laws. Drozdenko promised he would send a letter to the State Duma with a corresponding initiative.

Incidentally, the unit to combat illegal immigration began to appear in the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. According to statistics announced by the end of July the chief metropolitan MOI Anatoliy Yakunin, about half of solved crimes in Moscow since the beginning of the year were committed by visitors — both foreigners and natives of the regions of Russia. The share of immigrants, in particular, account for a third of rape.

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