In the Pacific Ocean dives Republic of Kiribati. Video

Due to climate change the water leaves the Republic of Kiribati. In the depths of the already disappeared 32 coral islands and their inhabitants moved to the largest atoll, where the country's capital of Tarawa. But it will soon face the same fate.
Kiribati authorities planned to build artificial islands based on the technology of floating oil rigs. But it turned out that the project could not realize — too high costs. The President of the sinking of the country today made with another sensational offer — buy the site, about two thousand acres, from the neighbors.

Anote Tong, President of Kiribati: "In this fight, we are defeated. Island sink into the ocean depths, we no longer have any other options, how to buy the land from the neighboring states. We are currently in negotiations with the government of Fiji to purchase the second largest of the islands of Vanua Levu. "

The population of Kiribati — more than a hundred thousand people. And while the government of Fiji to the fear declare that such an emergency and the displacement of populations, they are not ready. If kiribatiytsam fail, they may move to Australia or New Zealand, but in the history of the state of their own they would have put a full stop.

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