In the U.S., recreated the alien weapons?




In the stories of UFO witnesses are often referred rays, which, when applied to human beings or animals, to temporarily paralyze the victim without causing irreparable harm. "Weapons applied enlonavtami, has a unique effect on the human nervous system … usually deprives him of the ability to consciously control their muscles, but does not interfere with the unconscious processes in the human body and does not deprive a person of consciousness "- wrote in 1973 J. Mc Campbell.

Then it seemed a fantasy, but lately come from the United States to lead on the development of exactly the same weapons! The newspaper «The Globe and Mail» describes a "paralyzing ray" Peter Anthony Schlesinger, a scientist who is about to try out the chickens, "If all goes as planned, the legs and wings of chickens will be paralyzed by a laser beam generated by the electric discharge, but their heart and lungs continue normally function ".

The greatest interest in the outcome of the tests are showing Pentagon officials who fund the work of Schlesinger. They believe that a new type of device can be used in combat.

"When you can do things with the speed of light, in front of you opens up many new opportunities," — said the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology Delores Etter. In addition to the paralysis of potential enemies at a safe distance, the laser-electric weapon can disable the electronics of missiles and vehicles.

A similar weapon which develops firm «HSV Technologies Inc.» San Diego, uses two ultraviolet laser beams that penetrate the air ionized path for electric current. Unlike laser, the discharge wires with needles, pins, there is no risk that the wires at the crucial moment confused. Current is chosen so that it can be more like a natural electrical impulses in the nerves, resulting in muscle movement. The body fell under "rays" can not distinguish between natural impulses from induced, and his muscles are not able to move. It is only for the new laser — all available models of ultraviolet laser placed in the trunk, but not in the pocket, as scientists would like. («MUFON UFO Journal», June 2004)

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