In Vawkavysk seized board memory Larissa Heniyush

The police detained Vaukavysk social activist Nikolai Kovalchuk for trying to open a plaque on the house where she was born the famous Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush.

Volkovisskij social activists gathered today to honor the memory of Larissa Heniyush the inauguration of the memorial on the house number 40, on the streets of Victory. The poet was born in 1910 in the estate Zhlobovtsy in this house. In 1937, she moved with her husband to Prague. Her family later moved to a house Volkovisk.

City officials agreed to open a commemorative plaque, but still did not. Community activists decided to do it themselves at their own expense. Was initiated by Nicholas Kovalchuk. He was detained on the street at 13.40, 20 minutes before the start of the solemn celebration.

Plaque tore off the building and seized.

14:30 50 people who had gathered at the house where she was born Larisa Heniyush, Volkovyssky went to police station to inquire about the fate of Nikolai Kovalchuk, who hung the sign. Most went into the building, and soon released Kovalchuk. The police said that the signs will determine the fate of the court.



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