In Vitebsk banned the event on July 27

Regional Organization of the BPF was denied in response to a statement on the holiday collection for the Day of Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus.

According to the chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Constantine Smolikau, application was filed in Vitebsk city executive committee. But the rejection came from the October district administration, the territory of which is Park of Culture and Rest named after the Soviet Army, where he planned to hold the event.

This place — one of the three identified in the city for public events. Nevertheless, Party members refused, citing the fact that the statement was not accompanied by contracts for the provision of health and community services, as well as providing law enforcement police.

Mr. Smolikau says it will challenge the rejection as it considers unreasonable. Primarily because maintenance contracts with some structures appropriate to conclude only when the permission for the celebration itself at a certain time and place.


Vitebsk ban

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