In Vitebsk parted with Elena Zaleskaya


Farewell to Helen Zaleskaya passed in the ritual hall of the regional hospital. Conduct an activist in the last way party members came from Minsk and Orsha, local representatives were practically from each party — and the UCP, and BPF, and created from the BCD, and the movement "For Freedom," and from the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). Say goodbye to Elena Zaleskaya came Boris Khamaida, Sergei Kovalenko, a former political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich and apolitical people who knew the deceased as a good teacher of mathematics, a leading dance parties at the "inspiration" employee Shagal.

A 14-hour activist was buried in the cemetery, "Cauchy". During the civil funeral supporters said that the name of Helen Zaleskaya gone down in the history of the democratic movement of Vitebsk. Under her leadership, the city hosts the most massive street protests, it was perhaps the most uncompromising observer during Campaign, she was repeatedly detained and punished by fines for opposition activity. And about a hundred white-red-white flags, stitched it with her hands, fluttering recent years over Vitebsk, contrary to the prohibitions and detention.


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