Information war in Libya: NATO fakes

Information war in Libya: NATO fakes
Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, who led the operation «Unified Protector» in Libya, 31 October 2011 in an interview with «Radio Canada» revealed that in the NATO headquarters in Naples as part of struggle against Libya was created analytical department.

The work of this body intensified several information networks. Intelligence about the plans and maneuver Gaddafi’s army came from almost all sources, including the media.

Shortly before the fall of Tripoli, the French correspondent, creator of the infamous book «monstrous deception,» said Thierry Meyssan smoothly that most of the foreign correspondents who have stayed in the hotel Rixos in Tripoli, were members of NATO.

Before pressure unconditional evidence NATO was forced to accept that the official foreign correspondents in Libya were members of the North Atlantic alliance.

Why fake propaganda office of NATO in Libya became a deadly weapon examine Managing Military Forecasting Center, member of the Academy of Military Sciences journalist Anatoly Tsiganok.
On the top step promoted the possibility of peaceful solutions prepyadstviya in reality unacceptable for 2-sides — to pull over public outlook

6 Steps of the information war

Information war against Libya allied forces can be divided into six steps. The main event — the impact of information warfare plan and strategy criteria assault on Tripoli.

During the first step, even before the phase of open armed conflict evolved and strengthened images of «us» and «them», accented enthusiasm for ideological signs, justifies a direct impact.

In this step, the possibility of a peaceful solution advocated prepyadstviya in reality unacceptable for 2-sides — to pull over public understanding of the world.

Mental operations were carried out with high intensity in favor of a positive public representation in the population of Libya, and the processing of their own Libyan Sun
Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard acknowledged that NATO spies were correspondents in Libya

October 31, 2011 in an interview with «Radio Canada» Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, who led the operation «Unified Protector» in Libya, revealed that in the NATO headquarters in Naples was created analytical department.

His task was contained in the study and explanation of everything that is happening on the ground, in other words, tracing the movements of both the Libyan army and «insurgents.» To strengthen this division was created a certain amount of information networks.

«The intelligence came from almost all sources, including the media, who were on the ground and given us a lot of disk imaging on the plans and locations of ground forces.» — Charles Bouchard said.

For the first time NATO has acknowledged that the official foreign correspondents in Libya were members of the Atlantic Alliance. Shortly before the fall of Tripoli.

French correspondent, creator of the infamous book «monstrous deception» Thierry Meyssan openly announced
that most of the foreign correspondents who have stayed in the hotel Rixos in Tripoli, were members of NATO. Specifically, he pointed to the category running on AP (Associated Press), BBC, CNN and Fox News1. Conflict, which is expected to provoke unrest — arrest activist lawyer February 15, 2011.
This sparked a wave of disobedience, which spilled over into the web space and the media. But especially huge number of videos on YouTube and news on Twitter were unbelievably identical and looked after as obvious Pentagon’s plan for the development of software that allows you to edit nestled public information website to affect the online conversation and strengthen advocacy.
All sites for «free Libya» declared that they are made at home, but YouTube and other resources were not available when the Libyan internet users. Websites ‘revolution’ — all in English — surely though Libya language — Arabic, UK where you can encounter only in big cities.
Despite the unclear origin, media workers such as CNN, NBC, BBC, BBC, NBC, CBS Es, ABC, Channel «Fox News», and Al-Jazeera took data anonymous and unconfirmed video as reliable. Some of the «beyond the control» of course websites are fraudulent.
Thus, the web site that calls itself Libyan revolutionary central (governing the Libyan revolution — link: http://www. was created on February 14 — a day for up to the first protest. Website is registered in Ohio as a nonprofit organization with an identification number 501c3 — tax free! 2. When assessing the situation as regards the status of issues and possible enemy action has been underestimated moral and psychological state of Libyan troops.
In the second step with the start of air strikes main focus of information warfare was moved to the operational and tactical level. The main components of information warfare by step the number provided advocacy campaign, electronic warfare, disabling parts of civilian and military infrastructures.
With the aircraft EC-130J «Commando Solo», created for the «psychological warfare» began airing news on the British and Arabic for the Libyan military «Libyan sailors immediately leave the ship. Throw the gun, come back home to their families. Troops loyal to the Gaddafi regime, do not comply with the UN resolution demanding to stop combat actions in your country. «
Such examples are many. And at least some of them as evidence that the parties are «fused» in disk imaging mass sredstva bad stories, trying to discredit his own greatest enemy.
But Gaddafi’s army, on the contrary, never shared with the audience his success, did not find compassion preposition losses and never lifted Zahav secrecy regarding their own.
When the incident ran in a long-term phase (more than a month, from April 1 to July) launched the third step, changing forms of conducting information warfare,
Task of this step — to expose competitor morally unacceptable forms of conflict-waging also win over new supporters.
In insignificant extent NATO side worked out development in combating computer networks. Often opposing sides (NATO and Libya) have used the same techniques: downplayed their own loss and increase the magnitude of harm the enemy.
In its order of the Libyan side overstated the number of losses among the local population (the number of victims in the capital). At the same time did not prevent defeat Libya NATO Libyan month and a half to use radio and television to transmit their own promotional materials.
As part of advocacy actions produced radio and television broadcasting to Libya with areas of neighboring countries. For the growth of the audience of those broadcasts, were scattered over the ground Libya VHF radios with a fixed frequency reception.
In addition, the air in continuous propaganda leaflets were dropped. In connection with the general population illiteracy Libya, leaflets in the main character wore a graphic (comic books, banners, pictures, playing cards with portraits of Libyan favorites).
Two sides tended to misinformation, trying to spread atheism in our own strength and panic.
Information warfare strategy allowed on the second and 3rd steps including introduction of provocation or manipulation of facts. Reasonable that the television has become the primary means of information warfare aggressor as the level of international relations, and practically during the «Highway of war.»
So, before the outbreak of hostilities, the presidents of France, Britain and other NATO countries that supported the operation in Libya, appealed to reporters not to publish the details in the press training NATO armed forces to military action and generally try to light touch restrained goals of NATO and the European Union.
Television once again substantiate that it is much better than other media sovladevaet with the interpretation of reality, the formation of the desired picture of the world, and the brand recognition television channel, the more his audience, the greater the credibility and the more channels provide similar interpretation of events, so enormous strength gains of the simulated image of reality.
4th step (August) — the beginning of the storming of Tripoli. For the first time in the XXI century information war repeated acts of July 18, 1936 in Spain. «Above all Spain bright sky» — in Spanish Sobre toda Espa Espana el cielo esta despejado) — on steady opinion, password (call sign) to the beginning of the military revolt against the second republic in Spain.
This phrase, the use in the transmission of the radio station «Ceuta», July 18, 1936 years was the signal for the simultaneous joint military performances across the country, that was the beginning of a civilian war of 1936-1939.
The main event in the information war in the storming of Tripoli is considered that when the «Al Jazeera» and CNN showed footage of «victory» of insurgents captured in Qatar, it was the signal for the attack to rebels and saboteurs.
Immediately after these shots around town «sleeper cells» of rebels began to establish roadblocks to break into the command and apartments officers not betrayed Gaddafi.
5th step (August-September) — Tripoli assault and support humanitarian aid mission population of the country. It is considered that in the fifth step, the actual armed conflict ended, and ran across the information war in the latest, sixth phase (October-December) — the formation of a profitable interpretation of what happened.
The most common method of manipulating information — not to allow journalists to the event itself, feeding the media and official reports video footage acquired from the military, armed laptops and mobile phones with built-in cameras and photos.
Another method is based on the use of pictorial means film and television: in the midst of selected military operational or shooting pictures from spy planes and satellites, displayed at the press briefings in the press center during the war in Libya, of course, was not a «failure» rate.
But journalists, and then the audience could admire channels plenty of spectacular views fighter cockpit, bomb bay of his or even the rocket flying straight into the goal. During the fighting in zabugornyh media was taken a huge amount of information.
Special correspondent of the 1st channel in Benghazi Irada Zeynalov
But it should be recognized that most of the publications mentioned is precisely the elements of the information war. Where journalists scooped published information? Likely to have seen the light only those data which were profitable ideologues counterterrorism struggle.
Frames «army opposition» in Benghazi were razlyubeznaya provided viewers a special correspondent of Channel 1 in Benghazi Irada Zeynalova. Has tried to march on the parade ground a few 10’s motley dressed boys (despite the best efforts of the operator as to compose a shot, so that the number of «marching» seemed significant, more than 10 Male 2-3 people placed in such makarom frame so as not to be seen on the wings, he failed).
Another 20 people were running around the older anti-aircraft (unchanging character of all photo / TV shootings «opposition forces»), demonstrated a machine gun belt and know what they have to eat them not only shown The old (and Rusted) gun, and new appliances: even been demonstrated unprepossessing one colonel, named commander of the rebels (the number of which, according to reports, can not exceed the weave) and the main opponent of «Colonel Gaddafi.»
Excluding the above-mentioned reports of «army» Irada Zeynalov told the world that under the control of the opposition, «passed the main neftegazohranilische Benghazi.» With all of this was shown a large fenced yard and a network of conveyor belt along which the curves and rusted 20 liter gas cylinders (standard size for Libya), and behind them in the queue people.
Those who have been in Benghazi, knows this point of delivery of gas cylinders, who have not been — still can not help but realize that this is — hardly «main storage unit» Benghazi (paragraphs issuing gas cylinders have in Libya in large numbers because of the central gas supply there).
In the same style of playing and spetsgruppa RTR. Evgeny Popov morning edition (05.03.11, 11:00) showed the «rebel army» departing attack Ras Lanuf. On common prayer before the fight in its ranks turned 10 Single two people. Then «column of jeeps» acted trek — showed 2 cars, with a maximum of 10 people each. Then fight. Shows a mine explosion or grenades (not clear where). «Rebel met fire from a 10-s trunks» — somewhere in the distance one can hear machine gun fire. Then the «rebel» reports that Gaddafi troops «sophisticated weapons» — can be heard in the distance the second machine gun fire.
Second time shows the same explosion that first «battle». «The troops are fleeing rebels,» but some «managed to gain a foothold in the wilderness» — shows the passengers of the 1st SUV sitting behind the dunes. And yet — «rebels shelled Ras Lanuf of anti-aircraft installations.» Later — the infirmary, where «come 10s wounded» — shows one «first» in the subsequent reportage colleagues — one wounded. Curtain.
Then there are anecdotal reports of the 10 victims in the framework of «civil war» demonstrate «a demonstration in Tripoli» — a few 10’s of men moving along the street (these pictures have already demonstrated earlier — they have long been posted on the Web and were filmed February 20). And in a subsequent news story — a demonstration in Alexandria prosperous: downtrodden people square and adjacent streets, 10s of thousands gathered. It seems that we are kept in complete fools.
Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli (Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli)
In the first days of the war, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church said more than 40 people were killed civilians in Tripoli as a result of air strikes by coalition forces in Libya. As said at the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli (Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli), «so-called humanitarian raids brought 10’s victims in the midst of civilian populations in several parts of Tripoli.»
But the representative of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. armed forces, Vice Admiral William Gortney said that no information about the victims in the midst of the civilian population in coalition.
New trend of information warfare was followed: NATO frigates thrown off depth charges on the fiber-optic cable laid in the 15 nautical miles off the coast of Libya in order to disrupt the telecommunications link between Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, and Ras Lanuf, where one of the biggest oil refineries plants in the country. In the Jamahiriya were significant communication failure and operation of telecommunications.
The provocative role of modern media
Since the 90s of the last century with the concentration of media in the hands of a few media groups are rapidly reincarnated channel info and reflection of public opinion in zombie channels and manipulation. And it is not so important, what they are guided at all — make any social order, trivial earning bread and butter, do it unwittingly, either because of their own idealism — they rock the situation impartially and weaken society.
Of those same 90 x can recall the Yugoslav war. Dishonest classics of the genre has become, for example, a report about Muslims in the Serbian depleted stitching wire, though his British TV reporters filmed inside the fenced area. Or eminent «in Racak incident», which became a pretext for the prosecution of ethnic Serbs in the Kosovo Albanian population purification.
Finnish pathologists later find powder on the hands of these «innocent victims.» This item, by the way, was removed from the accusations of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. It will not be 10 years, the Western media had to admit that the Albanian militants led the hunt for the Serbs. Prior to this, read about it was politically inexpedient.
Journalists have lost even the pretense of objectivity and the Libyan events. In this regard, Benjamin Barber of Huffington Post wondered: «Western media in Libya — journalists or propaganda tool of the uprising?».
And in general, what happened to journalism? Remember, that was the reason for the beginning of anger against NATO legitimate government of Libya (like we did not belong to such a controversial figure as Gaddafi)?
Preview hodgepodge of monarchists, Islamic fundamentalists, British and Washington exiles and defectors from Gaddafi’s camp as a «rebellious people» have clean water false propaganda. From the outset, «rebels» completely and one hundred percent dependent on the military, political, diplomatic and media support of the NATO powers.
Without this support, trapped in Benghazi mercenaries would not survive a month. The world’s media have shown a nasty lack of curiosity. Also it was in Iraq or Afghanistan. «New York Times» is headed by a coordinated campaign of propaganda, rumors and demonization of Muammar Gaddafi.
Some articles seem to be written in advance and strictly follow the requirements of a Washington consulting firm Wirthlin Group, which found that «the task, perhaps to motivate public support for the war in Iraq was the perception of Saddam Hussein as an evil mad that made atrocities against his own people and was must be stopped. «
Most of the media applications in a spirit of «kills his own people,» looks like a quote from a textbook CIA propaganda and belies the fact that they are at this very hour in a hotel in Tripoli, which is under the full control of Gaddafi.
NATO organized saturated propaganda campaign portraying imperialist anger as a «popular uprising» carpet bombing defenseless anti-colonial army as a «humanitarian intervention» to protect «civilians.»
Srezhessirovannaya media campaign went far beyond the boundaries usually involved in similar actions liberal circles, persuading ‘progressive’ journalists and their publications as «leftist» intellectuals represent imperial mercenaries as «revolutionaries» and smear dark paint heroic six-month resistance of the Libyan army and people foreign anger.
Suffering pathological racism Euro-American propaganda spread lurid images of government troops (often portraying them as «black mercenaries»), drawing their rapists, taking large doses of «Viagra», while in reality their homes and families were suffering from raids and naval blockade NATO.
Although they continue to circulate unconfirmed information about the «rape» and «cluster bombing» and «fear of the murders» and firing on children, but these journalists do not feel fear for their lives.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch indicate that before the NATO bombing in eastern Libya no mass rapes, no helicopter attacks or bombings of peaceful protesters by Gaddafi’s forces was not. What exactly it was, so it’s 110 dead on both sides during the unrest in Benghazi.
As we see, all of these stories were fabricated, but specifically they became the reason for the establishment of no-fly zone and NATO attack on Libya. Conclusion for investors: if the world’s media are unanimous in highlighting any mass atrocities — it means someone is profitable and chain to the following events.
Whistleblowers fakes
Cheating uncovered corrosive audience channels, which made still pictures «night prazdnichka on a greenish area» and found there a lot of inconsistencies with real photos and even with video, made entirely on the area not so long ago.
TV people can realize that all threadbare painting people with the tricolor flag of the king’s, which cleave the SUV is not clear where it is not clear when driving in an unknown direction anyone with unknown targets, usually at the provincial countryside — yet least suited to illustrate people’s ecstasy in the center of the Libyan capital .
So, in some places, enjoying success rebels managed to grow 15-foot palm tree, which was not there a week back, elsewhere on the site bicentennial cedar suddenly grew second palm, missing stucco on the walls, etc.. Misfits not so little, and they explained everything — scenery — that of plywood and a quick where there stucco? Discomfiture more unpleasant fact that the information on the preparation of this century there was a fake Networking Web for a long time before the coming of the rebels in Tripoli.
With these warnings for a few days before the events were supporters of Gaddafi. It was reported that under the city of Doha (Qatar) in the desert scenery built greenish Square, Gaddafi’s residence and the government district of Tripoli, and it is planned to remove the deceptive shots total defeat Gaddafi, regardless of the actual situation in the capital. But TV broadcasters ignored the warning.
When every day you hear about airplanes and helicopters firing on peaceful demonstrations in the streets of Libyan cities of ministers and ambassadors, sided with people denouncing the bloody regime and creating a transitional government, on unarmed demonstrators, which covers the whole of the town and region of Libya, harness portraits and stuffed Gaddafi, his «Green Book» and waving flags of the Libyan monarchy overthrown more than 40 years ago, when all this is backed by the best visuals — all this voluntarily or involuntarily begin to believe.
And later some ways the district is beginning to penetrate other information that the «popular uprising against Gaddafi’s murderous regime» — less than a TV production Qatari «Al-Jazeera», which is actually speaking against Gaddafi associated with the unfortunate «Al-Qaeda» , has been serving ten years for the South American and South American and Saudi funds Saudi interests that youth for his role in anti-government demonstrations organizers give them drugs and money (from 300 to 500 dollars per day), that gun and ammunition for the «avengers» Cyrenaica received through the terrain of Egypt and delivered by sea.
With all this emphasizes that aircraft and helicopters to break up demonstrations have not been applied, but were bombed warehouses guns were under the control of al-Qaeda militants.

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