Installation began construction of the second tower to Nyagan GRES

On the construction of Nyaganskaya power plant in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous units NGO "Mostovik" began assembling the second of three structures on natural draft cooling towers. Extraction tower erected by four construction management NGO "Mostovik", designed for cooling condensers of steam turbines and auxiliary power units of the plant equipment. Each tower — this massive structure more than 80 meters in height and a base diameter of 80 meters.


"Installation of the first designs of the cooling tower is almost complete, work is being done on the seventh and final tier. In parallel, began work on the second tower. The problem is similar — concreted over 1500 cubic meters of reinforced concrete frame and internal tiered mount 750 tons of steel, each tier — it's 20 metal sections of a height of 12 meters ", — Deputy Director General of the NGO "Mostovik" Andrew Fadeev.


Power Nyaganskaya power plant after the implementation of the project construction will be 1254 MW. It will be one of the largest power plants of Tyumen energy system.

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