Interesting evil of modern times

In England recently conducted a very interesting survey and found that most people in the breakdowns of cell phones and computers to blame evil spirits, evil spirits and aliens. They draw attention to the fact that the hit on the keyboard, and go all out. In Russia this kind of research did not exist, although people notice such oddities. In connection with the situation they are increasingly coming up with names such as brownies before, frights and poltergeists.


In our time, according to the government, the majority of people already purchased their own mobile phones. Despite the fact that doctors scare and warn of the dangers to their health, to this view came and psychics. Thus, when a person is on the phone, then throws a bunch of emotions and thereby fueling energy technology.

Smile, grin, anger, jokes, joy and sorrow only feed in order to further up the little demon, who was given the name "Moblik." He does not see the human eye, but quietly resides inside a mobile phone. Each of these monsters has its own character, features, along with Barabashka.

Over time, he listens to the talk host, and they had already judged, it should help or not. For example, if moblika be a good soul and character, it will save money in the account to his master, guide fingers on the right buttons and help to not confuse numbers. Psychics advise everyone not to buy things with it in order not to attract moblika another man to himself.

It's not just the fact that someone else will be able to bring the demon damage or commit various dirty tricks. Just monsters may not like the new owner in the future it will give a signal to the police radar, and soon the thief of the phone will be detected. The best option would be to buy a new phone and its own, hence will ensure that it is your own demon or moblik.

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