Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov, Dec. 19 directly on the area commanded me

Law enforcement at the Independence Square in Minsk on December 19, 2010 commanded Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov. "There is always a senior operational commander. Directly on the area commanded me "- Kuleshov said at a press conference on January 26.

He claims that no provocation on the part of law enforcement agencies in the area were not. "It was pure conspiracy, clean script, which was sent to the coup, the seizure of power by armed force in the country", — said Kuleshov.

Interior Minister explained why law enforcement agencies cordoned off the Government House and made a smashing windows, while a large force of police barricaded themselves inside the building. "Everything was done in order to ensure that journalists are not accused law enforcement agencies that we prevent the free will of the citizens that we are violating the rights, freedoms, violating the country's democracy," — he said.

"The goal was simple — as well, showing restraint, not to allow the police to provoke those who were at the unsanctioned rally. <…> We did not take active steps to avoid provoking the crowd on the active opposition forces of law and order. <…> We have shown strength, we sprofilaktirovali "- said the Minister.

According Kuleshov, just been made three attempts to storm the building. It was only after "the third time they began to beat," were taken "active steps to ensure that the protection of the State agency, as has already been active calls for the seizure of the Government House." "I could not afford and I'm not allowed to flame the fire that lit the presidential candidates, the so-called revolutionaries, out of order, stability and peace in the Republic of Belarus", — said the head of the Interior Ministry.

"I have done with their subordinates all as our best, to avoid capture state institutions to not happen armed coup" — said Kuleshov. He is confident that "law enforcement authorities acted appropriately, proportionately those negative trends that have developed in the Independence Square, there was a superpower, everything was done with the incorrect behavior of the active participants in the riots."

The Minister drew attention to the fact that the law does not prohibit him using special devices. But this time the "constitutional order" law enforcement is induced exclusively by means of individual protection — shields and rubber sticks. Kuleshov believes that the task in those circumstances the police handled quite professionally and competently.

Anatoly Kuleshov not respond specifically to the question of who attacked the evening of 19 December on the street on a convoy Nemiga presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaev and accompanying journalists. But stated that it was not the police.

Recall, the original version of the Interior Ministry, announced immediately after the event, unarmed police officers faced with a crowd of aggressive people who accompanied the two buses. They are suspected to law enforcement, could be explosive devices. The collision with armed with stones, sticks and rods people several policemen were injured. Then the official version was featured one minibus and Nyaklyaeu and his men, it turns out, were beaten supporters of other candidates for the presidency.

Interior Minister asked, "How could the police presidential candidate, who was in the thick of things, to strike, and that journalists have not fixed this time? If it was hit by a police officer, now on all the world's media, this picture would have been sent and replicated. But does not. Then the question is: Who hit him? Answer: not the police. <…> I have today is objective evidence that the police did not. "

The fact that all the witnesses of the incident, including photo-and videographers, unknown in black put his face in the snow, using noise and light sabers, Kuleshov does not count.

According to him, accompanied Nyaklyaeu people had to fulfill the legitimate demands of the police. Instead, they, like the Minister said, "began to attack the traffic police, began to rock the car and attempt to turn it." "The countdown has begun with all the outrages Nemiga when resistance was provided to the authorities, the police," — the minister said.

Kuleshov also alleges that on December 19 the police did not interfere with the work of journalists. He justifies the actions of law enforcement officers, members of the media detentions, confiscate their equipment, beat them. In response to claims by Anatoly Kuleshov said: "And if it was normal for my police officers, journalists with cameras and video cameras began to beat him? Employees who are in shape? Is that normal? "

Minister's words aroused laughter and indignation in the hall. In response, the Minister said he and his staff are constantly faced with the fact that some of the "alleged journalists" have a fake ID. Kuleshov therefore assumes that a policeman during arrest man who introduced the journalist could be suspicious of a fake ID.

Interior Minister refused to apologize to those who have received from the police baton on the head, and to journalists. Kuleshov and did not answer the question, if he wants to retire.

"I am proud of my profession, proud of the fact that I was standing guard over the interests and legal rights and freedoms of the people, law-abiding citizens in the first place. <…> I am not ashamed of the fact that I kept the peace, tranquility and stability on December 19. And it would be much ashamed if mount-revolutionaries built there what they wanted. <…> I and my staff have not exceeded any item on the applicable law, and therefore, I do not apologize to anyone, and not at all "- said Kuleshov.

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