Invisible War (2009)

The film collected a lot of material from documentaries and investigative journalism, allowing a close look at the situation in which we find ourselves.

Tracked details of reform of the armed forces, revealed details of the destruction of nuclear submarine "Kursk", locomotives BRZHK, flooding the space station "Mir", conversion of military production to be affected by the outbreak of the true causes of the two Chechen wars and details of terrorist attacks, including the bombings of apartment buildings.

The substantiation of the United States permit the problems of the world economic crisis by unleashing a major international conflict. Monitored the unfolding of the American missile defense system, an analysis of the next agreement to reduce strategic nuclear capabilities and massive violations of the American side of the previous START treaties. Reflects the results of the foreign policy of the United States to advance NATO eastward and focus its troops from the western borders of our borders, including the former Soviet Union.

The film is accompanied by a comment to security, political and public figures, experts, military personnel, including their personal biographies. Recommended viewing for anyone who wants to look outside the scope of the monopoly media pressure, and those who care about the future.


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