Iran condemns EU sanctions

Iran stated that the EU sanctions will not help the international community to resume talks on the Iranian nuclear program and Tehran will not change the intention to develop this program.

Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, also said Tehran considers sanctions in Brussels as "the next step is the enemy" and that the initiators of these sanctions will feel the "negative consequences."

July 26 Foreign Affairs Council adopted the EU's list of economic sanctions against Iran, which go much further than the sanctions approved last month, the UN Security Council.

"It is clear that exporting states to decide on such sanctions is not easy — commented on yesterday's decision by the European Union

It is clear that exporting states to decide on such sanctions is not easy.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle. — But it would be much worse would allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. "

European sanctions relating to primarily energy and transport sectors of Iran.

In particular, the European Union banned its members to sell and deliver to Iran equipment and technology for exploration, production and processing of natural gas.

The sanctions also prohibit EU companies to insure and perastrahovvats Iranian businesses that deal with transportation. The move will affect the efficiency of import gasoline and other refined petroleum products Iran (in today Iran imports about 40 percent of the fuel, as the country lacks refining their abilities).

In addition, the EU imposes sanctions on its members the duty to monitor the activities of Iranian banks in Europe and the permission to issue government operations, the cost of which exceeds 40 000 euros.

Finally, the European Union banned the airport for cargo shipments from Iran and send them to Iran, except for a limited amount of cargo on board passenger aircraft.

Soon after the approval of the Council on Foreign Relations additional EU sanctions against Iran, Tehran's representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said Iran is ready to return to negotiations on its nuclear program without preconditions.

On the same day as the European Union imposed sanctions against Iran, Canada, prohibiting its companies to invest in Iran's energy sector.

In June, the sanctions against Iran approved the UN Security Council, for the fourth time in its history. These latest UN sanctions affect more than 40 Iranian organizations, businesses and individuals, including associated with the influential Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The international community suspects that Iran, as part of its program of uranium enrichment for the energy sector is secretly developing nuclear weapons.

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