It is difficult to translate the Soviet system of education in the European


First student:
"The authorities can put a" tick ", so be it. But it seems to me that you can not translate the Soviet system of education in the European one. Very hard. It was a few decades, so it will stay. Need a long time to change it."

The second student"I believe it will be very difficult to do because there are a lot of traditions, there are people who do not want to break them, to destroy. But I think this is the reason that many people leave the country because of our diplomas will be taken in other countries. now I am graduate student, I went to the Academy, but the salaries are very small. I can not live, I can not even rent an apartment, and they do not give a hostel. "

Student: "The benefits can be in one — if you change the old standards that exist in vniverah. Fact that we teach with the realities and the needs that were ten years ago. Everything is changing very fast today, but vniver NOT rebuilt. Anyway, at the area where I am studying, internet technology and computers. I think that may change — so it is the quality of education. I hope, anyway. "

The student: "I think the government should be afraid of such measures. I know a lot of people, programmers who want to leave. Their only constrains what their qualifications are not recognized abroad."

Another student: "Is there a fundamental difference from our education system? We do not know about that. I think we are doing well, the system is normal if a person wants to learn, he will, if he wants to, then there is no system, I believe, will not help. I believe that then there must be such a change, our students were able to travel to Western countries to study, to learn the language, to look at foreign students to take their experience. Because now it is very rare for us, only a few cases. "

The student: "First of all, the level of skills students need to change, and then — a decent salary after graduation. And, of course, everyone will wait for the diploma, which will be quoted not only in our country but also abroad."

Student: "Hopefully, if it will enter, then allowed to leave the country and there it is useful. But I do not think that soon we will introduce this, just talk. This is a long time to be administered, for ten years — that's for sure."

The student: "I think something good will and it is not fundamentally change nothing. Approximately not really believe in big changes in the education system. Do not know the quality of education, I believe, will not be affected."

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