It starts with the reconstruction of the 220 kV Varvarovka in the Amur region

The group of companies "Indastek" has started to work on the expansion of the 220 kV "Varvarovka" in the Amur region. Work carried out in the framework of the investment project to increase energonadezhnosti grid complex Amur, where the construction of the cosmodrome "East". The customer is the JSC "FGC UES" Russian.

The forthcoming enlargement will be renovated of 220 kV. In the course of construction works is planned modernization and construction of the four-fifth cell voltage of 220 kV. Will be installed 10 sets of disconnectors 220 kV, 15 phase 220 kV current transformers, voltage transformers 6 phases 220 kW. The completion of all the works will improve energonadezhnost and create the possibility of an additional connection of new consumers.  

Currently, there are works on the substation device construction site, installation of foundations for the Valium and bus portals, delivered the necessary equipment.

The completion of all construction work is scheduled for the end of 2013. Reconstruction of the substation is in accordance with the Federal Target Program of the Government of the Russian Federation "Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013."

The group of companies "INDASTEK" — provides the whole range of design and construction of electric power facilities of any complexity on the whole territory of Russia. Extensive experience erection power substations and overhead transmission lines of different voltage class allows for a high-quality carrying wide range of jobs, from design, supply complete sets of equipment and materials to carry out the construction, installation and commissioning works.

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