Ivashkevich encouraged to actively participate in the action on August 16

Today, speaking at a meeting of the Sejm BPF, head of the Moscow party organization Ivashkevich said that with Afnagel and Paul Yukhnevich they transferred to the Minsk City Executive Committee with a request for consent to the Aug. 16 march and rally under the slogan "We demand an international investigation of the missing" .

It is assumed that the march will be held on the Academy of Sciences — Liberty Square. This action, said Viktor Ivashkevich, will be devoted to clarify the requirements of all the circumstances of the disappearance Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky.

"It is important to demonstrate to the authorities, people took to the streets. I think it will be the first step to getting people to the area on the day of presidential election"- Ivashkevich said.


action that disappeared

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