Jewish and Tatar mark in the terrorist attacks in Dnepropertovske

Terrorist attacks have occurred after the assassination of Dnipropetrovsk oligarch Jew Gennady Axelrod.

His body G. Axelrod

It is possible that we are talking about the next step in the redistribution of property and economic influence in the city. Especially in the information space walk vague hints of a large-scale conflict between the "Tatar" and "Jewish" groups in the Ukrainian business. And that is to come "cannibalization" of the group "Privat", whose leadership "wrong" has played in some of the political game, say for years.

Recall that attacks using explosives in Dnipropetrovsk already occurred. In September 2009, an explosion was terrified Gennady Korban and late Axelrod. In October 2009, an explosion killed partner Korban Vyacheslav Bragin, and in November 2011 in the city center killed a businessman by the present scenario — exploded urn.

Impcoms: «Axelrod was one of the active members of the Jewish community of Dnepropetrovsk. He was co-author of the concept and the construction manager of the world's largest Jewish community center "Menorah" in Dnipropetrovsk, one of the biggest benefactors of the synagogue "Golden Rose". " (C)

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