Journalists have estimated revenues of the ROC

Russian Orthodox Church has recently become one of the major newsmakers. "Missing" hours patriarch, expensive cars and other "worldly pleasures" ordinary Russians have caused a lot of different issues. Magazine "RBC" conducted its own investigation to find out what today holds that the ROC and the spread of its business interests. In the list were a luxury hotel, bank, building, delivery vehicles BMW, as well as large and small plants.

According to the publication, the annual income of the ROC from donations and other sources is 100-150 million dollars in cash. Some of that money invested churchmen in business projects.

First on the list of the "pearl" of the organization is listed Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which, as we know, are not engaged in commercial activities, and the "free hand out" for the money. Journalists found that in the CCS work laundry, refectory, car, tire, car, parking, lots of shopping stalls. The annual turnover of the Fund CCS with three "daughters" does not exceed 40 million rubles., But still 372 million rubles. must be received by the Fund from the Moscow budget.

ROC has been accused in the craving for commerce, and the memory is still fresh scandals with duty-free importation of cigarettes and vodka trade under the church banners, which broke out in the 1990s. In the zero situation has not changed. In the period from 2003 to -2010. controlled by the ROC Company "JSC Vital" owned quarter "BMW Russland", but two years ago the company was liquidated, and now in its place is registered LLC "BMW Russland Trading".

Journalists have estimated revenues of the ROC

In addition to import cars, clerics invest in traditional sectors such as construction, restaurants and hotels, retail and wholesale trade, agriculture and food production, as well as the banking sector. Details of the "church business" you can learn from the article in the new issue of "RBC". We note only that all of the ROC-controlled businesses conservatively estimated yield up to 600 million rubles. a year, and the value of assets is approaching 2.3 billion rubles.

Nevertheless, the Russian Orthodox Church is far from Catholic priests. As it turned out, the German Catholic Church owned publisher Weltbild, which produce the 'erotic' books as "Take me here and now" or "Dirty Stories", the annual turnover was 1.7 billion euros. In 2009. GCC tried to sell publishing scandalous, but the buyer is not found, and church representatives have tested long-known method: took the offensive, had caught the media targeted persecution of the clergy. Yet Pope argument does not convince, and he criticized the German clergy.

However, in the Western Church, and it is "decent" means income, such as investments in real estate or government bonds.

Summing up the results of its investigation, the staff magazine "RBC" answer to the fundamental question of how religion affects the economy and well-being of a country. It turned out that piety positive impact on GDP, but only when people "believe intensely." Otherwise, superficial faith can have negative consequences.

The detailed calculations and proofs can be found in the August issue of the journal "RBC".

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