Jurassic Park — just an illusion

Many dream that someday will be created Dinosaur Park, the analogue of "Jurassic Park", but it seems that this idea may remain just a dream-million …

As reported today, the world's media, Australian scientists have found it impossible to clone dinosaurs, as the material for DNA, suitable for cloning, there is no already unlikely to emerge. Bone tissue (bones — a common finding in such cases) for such a long time, lost the DNA from which you can make cloning.

The conclusion of scientists from Australia carries a heavy blow to those who believe that the detected DNA from the bones of prehistoric creatures in the future it will be possible to reproduce clones. At least not with the dinosaurs. Perhaps with a mammoth scientists better luck, because the body of mammoths found in the permafrost in more general form than the bones of dinosaurs. But even mammoths living even during the appearance of man — not dinosaurs.

Through research, Australian researchers have found that the half-life of DNA molecules is 521 years old — after that time at a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius is suitable genetic material is reduced by half. If the "material" is stored at a temperature of minus 5 degrees Celsius, over 6.8 million years, he has completely become worthless, if we talk about the possibility of cloning to produce lead media quoted paleontologist Mike BAMS.

As you know, the dinosaurs became extinct 65millionov years ago, so scientists do not doubt that their bones do not contain suitable for cloning genetic material.



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