KGB UFO secrets revealed. Continued Part 2

That hid the 500-meter hole on the "donut"?

"It used to reports of UFO I was skeptical. However, in the winter 1977 — 1978's, after over a submarine base in the western face of every week hanging disk-like devices, this information is beginning to listen, even the senior military leadership of the country. Incidentally, the head of intelligence of the Northern Fleet captain Berezhnoj ordered to take pictures of UFOs, but every one of the film were overexposed.
The fleet is at least seen a UFO than the rest of the troops. In December 1977, near New Guinea, the crew "Vasily Kiselev," saw how the water rose a donut-shaped object with a diameter of about half a kilometer! Radar and radio contact immediately out of service. The giant donut hung over the ship about three hours, then disappeared.
Around the same time met with a UFO crew of the nuclear submarine 671-year project led by Alexei Korzheva. At 50 meters from the boat floating silver disk from which, contrary to all the laws of physics on the water slowly dipped beam. Such cases are legion … "

"I also watched such outbreaks …"

With interest, I read stuff about "blue packet." Of particular interest me information about the "outbreak." Something like that I have personally observed over the Berdyansk spit. And so far for me has remained enigmatic story that happened to me in Chersonesos (Sevastopol). Information about this I set out on separate pages on your website .ua /-zhistory. And there are not only information about the observations, but my attempts to analyze the drawings and illustrations. With great respect Keystut Zakoretsky.

(Continued in the rooms for 5, 6 and 8 February).

The aliens in Magadan …

October 1, 1988, Kolyma. Two of responsible employee trust "Magadangorstroy" Ivan Krylov and Vladimir Drozdov ride on a motor vehicle on official business from Magadan to Susuman. The road is long, Kolyma highway is heavy, so left early.
At the 497-kilometer highway, between the village of fish and stream Diamond, 5 hours and 20 minutes the driver slams on the brakes abruptly. All jump out of the car and dumbfounded look to the sky …
As later wrote in a report KGB operative, the unit was a "subject of a conical shape with a base diameter of 25 — 30 meters towards the ground, and a height of over 50 meters. Finds this subject at a height of 1 — 2 km, glowing blue light."
In the eyes of the astonished men hanging motionless in the sky machine suddenly moved. He flew slowly, while decreasing in the direction of the near hills. After ten minutes the device again to be floating in the air.
Then — an excerpt from the report of Cheka:
"From the sides of the cone base in the direction of the earth struck a bright beam of light bluish tint. Beam diameter at the base was visually the size of a thread, and as the distance to the ground increased in diameter. Then began to turn the cone beam with a clockwise direction, and the beam as have probed the ground. "
On the ground, too, can work wonders. Suddenly stunned guys saw the thickets of mountain pines, half a kilometer from the road, hit another bright beam. According to their testimony, he looked like a good army spotlight.
From a report KGB operative:
"Soon, the two beams docked." Docking "lasted for 15 — 20 seconds and then goes off beam with the earth, and the beam out of the cone was as if drawn into a hovering object and its glow stopped. Everything happened in complete silence. Sky was dark, cloudless" .
At 5 hours 40 minutes Magadan time hanging over the mound cone began to move smoothly and in order for retired hill. Krylov and Drozdov with the driver all the time "feel the fear, the hair on his head stood on end and shivers ran through the body."
Then they got into the car and drove off, rapidly sharing experiences. But after about half a kilometer trio again saw a UFO. He sat motionless for about a minute, and then slowly departed for another hill.
On the way back Krylov Drozdov and inspected the area where the beam hit the ground. Glen was quiet and deserted, around skinny larch and elfin. They tried to walk through the snow to come to the "spotlight", but the way was blocked by a river. Riddle once again remained unsolved.

…and the "ghosts of the night" in the sunny Sochi

Yet the most interesting descriptions of UFO pilots do.
July 26, 1989. Sochi, the summer heat. And air traffic control of the local airport is an added incentive to sweat.
Around 14.40 dispatcher Stepanian heard from the crew of the aircraft 85138, which followed from Simferopol at the height of 10,200 feet, "We watch to your left at a distance of 30 — 50 kilometers of strange objects." How then will write Stepanian in the explanatory in the name of Comrade deputy airport. Belova SF, their rate was approximately equal to the speed of the Tu-154, but the objects are easily maneuvered and even changed places. Both light color, but different shapes. According to the dispatcher, a cigar-shaped — like a blimp, and another — "in the form of an acute angle, strictly geometric forms." In addition the objects are likely to possess the ability to change shape.
Alarmed by the dispatcher asked, changes in the hardware and the plane's instruments, but the crew reported that all is working well on board order.
85138 In addition to the board, three crew aircraft observed these strange objects. In the "blue bag" is a record the radio.
Dispatcher: 138th, I listen.
Crew: You do not see, that's left of us any two objects are hanging?
DA: How high?
E.: In our country, 50 kilometers — 60 strictly on the beam.
DA: 138th, but what are you watching?
A.: There was one thing, and the second came near. Here now are moving away from us for 80 kilometers.
DA: 397 minutes, and you do not see the front left, 30 kilometers — 40?
E. 397 th, I see two spots on a background of clouds. Once zigzags go, I suppose.
D: In what area?
E.: 45 kilometers from Sochi, 30 degrees behind.
E.: 138th, one almost strictly square, the other elongated diamond-shaped, and then began to disperse. At first one was a strict form, the other elongated shape.
DA: 138th, tells us about these subjects.
E.: That's because they are close by and worth. We are already behind them, eight kilometers, probably.
D: They move?
A.: They were 40, now about 100 km left to right. Sochi, you get them to the locator does not see?
D: No, not watching.
E.: Got it. Here they now turn around and walk away …
DA: 138th, you see more of them?
E.: That they left behind them mezhudu interval is increased. They quickly departed from us. Close behind were suddenly become.
And another excerpt from the explanatory Manager:
"Then I asked the military sector of the police department, if they have operations in the area, and gave information about the objects. I said no. Also informed the defense of" blood "and asked, if they do not watch on its funds. They also answered in the negative . "
And the mystery remains unsolved. Although it is not clear from the documents how this incident responded military. Raised whether the air interceptors were trying to chase the strange objects?
The participants of the event, please respond!


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