Killer robots can change the shape of future WARS

Killer robots can change the shape of future WARS
March 5. War with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become a reality. Martial act the role of bots — it the coming future.
Not so long ago, the South American Air Force demonstrated the UAV X-47B (pictured), shaped like an arrowhead, which is able to accomplish the combat puzzle without any human role.
There has long missile systems such as «The Patriot», which recognize and are objective in automatic mode.
You’re done in just a couple of small steps to create a hundred percent autonomous combat bot that will take over many of the functions of the person and it will change our understanding of modern warfare.
In the laboratory of the Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Henrik Christensen experiences layout such a bot that is designed to detect insurgents operating partisan ways.
Christensen and research led them to a group of engineers funded known defense company BAE.
The purpose of the project — the creation of a bot that can produce a study area in which the enemy is hiding, to map the likely places his concentration and gather other information that will help people in developing combat plans.
Like locusts
These bots do not carry weapons, their goal is to collect intelligence of information. But Prof. literature is discussed extensively the possibility of creating armed bots that will behave like locusts or other insects.
«The idea that people can build machines whose sole purpose is to kill, is a nightmare»
Jody Williams,
Nobel Peace Prize
They must join in a large swarm when an enemy gang up on him, just like ants assaulting his victim. Each device must possess a small warhead or use the kinetic energy of impact.
Pete Singer, an expert on the future of military technology at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said that the appearance on the battlefield fighting bots raises fundamental questions.
«At times in the history of military equipment comes a time when there is something that leads to a complete change in the situation, — he says. — For example, it was gunpowder, so it was with a machine gun, the atomic bomb, a computer. And fighting bots can become such a revolutionary technology. «
«This means that they will change the appearance of all — from the strategy on the battlefield, to the organization of troops, not to mention the issues of politics, ethics and law,» — said the expert.
Jody Williams, an American who received the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for company campaigns in favor of banning antipersonnel mines, believes that autonomous combat systems being developed at the moment, over time turned into a deadly weapon.
Killer robots
She stressed that such neutral definition as «autonomous combat systems» are misleading, and their need to abandon.
«We prefer to call them the killer robots, particularly since this is their task. When I first heard about them, I came to the nightmare of the idea that people can build machines whose sole purpose is to kill, «- says Nobel laureate.
But here Dr. Ronald Arkin of the Institute of Technology in Atlanta, holds a different perspective.
He is the creator of the concept of a combat system that is controlled so referred to as «ethical inspector.»
Such bot is programmed makarom that he will have to follow the principles of international law and the rules of warfare.
«All raise their hands to the sky and terrified — killer bots, robots, villains! — Says the doctor. — But at the moment ruthlessness committed by people acting on the battlefield. They are a constant companion of all wars since the beginning of history. «
Arkin believes that specific technical tools will reduce the number of losses in the midst of the civilian population caught in the combat zone.
It is not a defense industry lobbyist and obviously thought long on these issues.
There is another nuance of the ongoing debate at the moment, which is able to influence the future development programs combat bots.
Battle Bots and ethics
The fact is that while the U.S. are among the favorites in this area, such a situation, as stressed by Pete Singer, can not last forever.
«In the U.S. there are 76 states that own applets to develop combat bots — shows the scientist. — Already at the moment can be purchased for a couple hundred bucks drone which reversed two years was classified. Refers to the development propagating globally, it is very fast. «
One example is the practice of introducing unmanned aircraft, which are used for precision strikes on selected objectives in advance, including humans. Such elimination of combatant commanders or rebel favorites cause debate in the media and society.
With the proliferation of bots combat these debates inevitably will shift to the ethical principles of their implementation.
Nobel laureate Jody Williams is preparing to launch an international campaign for a ban on the development of combat bots.
«If the research, development, and eventually the use of these machines will last, all kind of war will change horrific way,» — she said.
Dr. Ronald Arkin does not agree with that assessment.
According to him, the introduction of such a ban without assessing whether combat boots lower loss in the midst of the civilian population, ignores the interests of those who are victims of wars with the role of man.
Jonathan Marcus, a military analyst Bi-bi-si

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