Kiribati could become the first floating state

A small island nation of Kiribati in the Pacific, the threat of extinction — the water level near the archipelago is constantly increasing and threatens soon to wash away the country to the ground. Kiribati authorities want to move more than 100 000 people on floating platforms, reports Associated Press.

At the meeting, the leaders of the Pacific in New Zealand, Anote Tong, President of the Republic of Kiribati, which comprises 33 islands, has expressed serious concern over the fact that soon led them to the country may cease to exist. At least, in the usual form. In recent years, climate change, the consequences of which are now being actively discussed in the United Nations, have become a real problem for the 103,000 residents of the small Pacific country. The thing is that the water level in the area of the archipelago of Kiribati, has recently increased dramatically.

I must say that the island on which the republic, and so are at a height of two meters above sea level, and if the water will continue to rise, the country can literally wash away from the face of the earth. Recently, many coastal residents of Kiribati were forced to move inland, as they start flooding the house. In this case, the salt water of the ocean filled the many drinking vessels the coastal villages, which ultimately made these areas uninhabitable.

If you are going to make every effort to save the country, the President of Kiribati, Anote Tong decided to move the entire population of the republic on artificial islands that appear to be reminded drilling for oil production. For the construction of floating platforms can take up to two billion dollars that the country can provide the United Nations if the representatives of the international organizations find the idea feasible.

Other ideas for the salvation of thousands of citizens of Kiribati from flooding, however, is not less expensive. Some officials suggest islands enclose a huge dam, the construction of which requires at least a billion dollars. Authorities also thought about how to relocate all residents of Kiribati in neighboring states, but President Anote Tong wants at all costs to save the country.

The idea of creating artificial islands in recent years has become popular among American billionaires. The richest people of the world are working on a project to create free to roam the oceans floating "islands of freedom", where there is no law, no government.

Maxim Dinkevich

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