Kolovrat. Effects of sound on the human

We first analyze the impact on the person providing the bass. Frequency of 7.5 Hz evokes in man wild fear. And, if there is prolonged radiation these frequencies, the human brain can engage them in response and killed. Therefore, pilots are prohibited from entering into storm clouds, as there often appear eddies and vibrations, operating at frequencies of 5-7 Hz. In academic circles, the frequency of 5 to 7 Hz is called "voice of the sea." This is due to the fact that as a result of tectonic movements of the earth's crust is a shift in the water. This is either the eruption or earthquake. These underwater earthquakes and eruptions caused a wave that propagates through the water at a speed of 700-800 km per hour. And very often in such places are "Flying Dutchman." That is, find a vessel, and the vessel empty. Go to the cabin and see — there coffee is brewed, the galley preparing dinner. And not a soul on the ship there. That is, when there is light, people are in a panic do not know where to hide from the fear and jump overboard. The waves do their thing and people die. Some special services are also using emitters at frequencies 3.5-5 Hz, for example, to break up demonstrations. It's all infrasonic frequencies.

In 70th years of the last century, one of the rock bands for effect, decided to use the body of ultra-low frequencies that the ear can not hear. This led to the fact that the audience began to disperse in panic and broke down all the doors.

Sound frequencies, which are perceived by the human ear is not too affected by it. In Krasnodar University conducted experiments on the effect of music on different biological structures. It was found that all the music is to digitize castrated and does not affect the way live music. Undertook the works of different composers and watched as the plant develops under the influence of music. When exposed to pop music, rock music, and the plants do not develop, eventually, die. Good results gave classical music, the better the results of the music hymns, but the best results gave the Japanese record with the record of our Kursk nightingale, then eating natural live music. Similarly, different music affects the body's cells. This is one of reliable tests, because the plant can not be fooled. Low frequencies are perceived lower chakras.

Low frequencies are rising sharply. Therefore, to the brain, which are used to work in the high and ultra-high frequencies, these low frequency disastrous.

Many of you know, is that people with stomach ripped apart, swallow any pills, the procedure goes as well as the stomach was sick and sore. Come up to him and say, 'What are you listening to all physicians. Go to Grandma's. " Comes to his grandmother. My grandmother said to him: "Get down on the bench." Over to whisper something to his stomach, and all the pain subsided. And he went home healthy. And then, when something hurts more — is to not go to doctors. They're over it for years experimenting and could not even remove the pain. A grandmother whispered 2-3 minutes and all the pain was gone. But she read a prayer or an old hymn refer to our gods at a frequency 14-16 Hz, in a whisper. And this is not even the sound vibrations. 1 Hz — is one oscillation per second. At a frequency of 14-16 Hz, the ear does not perceive that, you can listen to music stomach. When you listen to the organ music, the lower part of the stomach kontroktavy and he "leaped". That is, did not take the ear, and the stomach perceived. Our ancestors knew what range works stomach, liver, spleen, etc. So, looking at plots of the Russian people, you can see a plot of stomach pain, pain in the liver, the plot for normal kidney function, etc. Many people read them and usually say, "Brad some, nothing helps." And when our ancestors read the plot, knew what a certain frequency need to read them, and how to give the amplitude. If you want a plot on abatement heartache, there chakras are located higher and more frequency. This suggests that our ancestors possessed and the power to vote. So, if I use a very low amplitude vibrations voice that is monotonous and very low voice will speak, then you start to nod off and fall asleep. The amplitude of the vote just affect the person. Even during the war, when the Red Army retreated, and all had a depressed mood, Supreme Commander sent artists to the extent that they are fervent singing, dancing, concerts effect on the psyche, that is, raising the amplitude.

A frequency of 20 Hz to 200 Hz — is, as a rule, the average range of the heart. It is usually said that the heart is working at a frequency of 58 to 75 Hz. Many people mistakenly compare it with the frequency of the pulse. But the pulse — this is the number of beats in a minute, but here we are dealing with frequency. So the low throat singing when he sings the chorus, even the men say that the soul takes, nor touch the hand to the heart. The heart starts to work normally. Classical music is just in this range — 58-75 Hz. And the singing is in the range of 400 to 1000 Hz. Even the tuning fork is set to the note "la" with a frequency of 440 Hz. A note "LA" we have just on chakra "mouth" (Vishuddha). Opera singers before going on stage pumped up this chakra — behind the scenes chanted "La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la." That is, they create a frequency of 440 Hz to warm chakra, fill it, then to go on stage and sing.

Threshold of hearing organ from 20 to 17,000 Hz, although they say that up to 20,000 Hz. The tv sound range from 100 to 10,000 Hz. The brain runs on ultra-high and microwave frequency range. Therefore, to and from the brain control signal microwaves entered a body and that worked fine — must pass the energy channel. And if energy channel interrupted or disturbed. Then the control signal to the body do not get it. Already proved that microwaves have a negative impact on the brain. Yes, the food in them, you can quickly heat up, but the damage caused to them by the brain is undeniable.

Range of 20-200 Hz, the heart chakra. When the human impact frequency 220-230 Hz, expect disruptions in the heart, increases blood pressure and heart becomes hard. A lower threshold of 50 Hz on the heart has an overwhelming impact. We have 50 Hz — alternating current. In the west, 60 Hz, but the voltage and current of 110 volts DC. The frequency is higher, that means less fatigue. But with the chakra "mouth" are connected and optic nerves. When we watch TV for a long time. Which operates at a frequency of 50 Hz, the frequency of our network, it operates tiring. In the west, look at the frequency of 60 Hz, the TV does not work very tiring, so it is easier nashpigovyvat TV advertising, it's all well absorbed. Therefore, our advertising goes bad consciousness, they are better. Take computer monitors. While they were at a frequency of 50 Hz, the people quickly tired eyes, there is irritability, drowsiness. Then I went to the frequency of 60 Hz and people began to run longer on the computer. Then I went 75 Hz, that is, the screen flicker has become smaller and better perceived by sight. Then began to consider the optimal frequency of 85 Hz. In our country, then began to deliver TVs with 100 Hz. Eye fatigue will be less, but the susceptibility to advertising, the information transmitted from the TV screen, the relationship will be stronger. If you view the documentation, the computers already come with a screen size of 640×480 and the frequency to 250 Hz. At these frequencies, the person is already possible to program, as well as the computer. At 50 Hz system is used 25 frames transmitted two fields of 25 Hz — is the TV standard. But in cinema theaters replayed at 24 frames per second. And our scientists have developed the technology on which, if put in this one with a completely different frame of information, the human eye can not see it. This is repeated every 24 frame is a frame grab subconscious. We have developed. Americans then pasted 25th frame advertising popcorn. And after watching the movie ran to buy popcorn. We went on the television series "Slave Izaura", "The Rich Also Cry" … people first encountered by the fact that the film is interrupted by advertising. But did not give the value of the 25-th frame, although it is widely used.

Another example of mass training of human exposure to the mental, to the introduction of information technology, information warfare — healing sessions Samoilenko Kashpirovsky. What is he doing? He says a certain tone certain code phrases for the brain and the body includes a response system. People like to respond? Who waves his hands, someone turns someone laughing, someone's crying … But, in the hall, as a rule, always sat-occultists and masters — "chernushniki." Kashpirovsky hypnotizability introduces people to a specific psisostoyanie and "chernushniki" begin their radiation. Not necessarily sound — at suggestive level. And people in the audience feel bad. Why masters-occultists do it? Kashpirovsky many secrets as it opened. And who is it for them? Just psychotherapist. Made to stand up and say, "Look what Kashpirovsky works, people just not to die." Although Kashpirovsky this had nothing to do. But the television camera is like to transfer, as it passes from Kashpirovsky radiation, radiation from the people in the room and the light from the "seamy" bears. And people have TV screens becomes ill. And then the data is collected through the city to ban Kashpirovsky. Alan Chumak they could not influence. Why? But he was silent on the radio and on television is silent. But he was silent, everyone could see that he had moved his lips. He whispered at very low vibration reading old grandmother plots. Radiation passed from both plots. Kill this frequency could not. Therefore, Chumak not and negative nuances like Kashpirovsky.

Once the frequencies that are all around us, in effect, then, every person subject to any particular emissions. Depending on the level at which human evolution is what chakras are open channels, frequencies, and most accepted. No wonder that the journalists there is a question: "What kind of music do you like?" For people who are on the lower level of spiritual development — the so-called "live" for the people, there are the so-called mass pop culture that operates at lower chakras (physical layer). There, everything is built on psihoritme: drums, tom-toms African. Psihoritmika activates the lower chakras, and the top no matter how destiny remain, and human development stops. Those who are taller, have listened to rock music. Rock music reaches only creative chakra. Above is a classic. And the above is a classic traditional folk music, that is the highest of the development a particular person, a particular nation. Draw a table:


Folk or ethnic music




Classical or symphonic music


Classic rock music

Folk rock music in rock processing



Jazz, Ragtime


Popular music


Electronic music


Rap, techno, etc. Drums and tom-toms

I am not writing this rock 'n' roll, hard rock, heavy metal (punk-rock music, I do not think so) — all varieties. Let it be a group of heavy metal, but it all depends on what it is. There is also the direction of the classics. For example, the Hungarian group "Elda", which played works by Franz Liszt. Those who listened to the concert "Lisztomania", after the show went to the store and bought a plate with classic works of Franz Liszt. I think in 1999, the band "Metallica" with Symphony Orchestra gave a rock concert. In this concert sounded product Catholic Gregorian chants. After the concert started buying records and CDs recorded with the classical music. That is, these concerts give a push to hear the man — "And as it sounds in the original?".

Many people believe that jazz up Doom. Jazz — it's black music, it acts on the energy centers of the Negro population. And it was redesigned in Jazz Ragtime. Ragtime is translated to English means stopped time, that is, play, play and time syncopation, stop. And already, when Ragtime took as a basis, then came Rock music. What started Beatles, Rolling Stones and others? They began to perform English ballads to a new style, then love songs for the people, and then went to Rock classics. Popular music or as it is called, music ephemera. The following is an electronic music, it does not carry the images. Do not play live instruments, synthesizers and computers.

In addition to our time gap between folk and classical music is trying to take a motet. The level of influence on a person of sacred music is much higher than that of classical, symphonic, but lower than traditional ethnic music. At the table, sing folk songs, but you did not see anywhere at the table singing psalms of David? Here is the whole system, shown in the table — it's the energy, the energy of the radiation, which act on your mind, your heart, all your organs. Much is still not mentioned. All music styles does not fit in a single table.

Many believe that the song "Peddlers" is valid only for the lower chakras, "Straighten up tall rye, keep their sacred secret …". But there are voices and vibrations. The film "Shine, Shine, My Star", remember. What is it to act? His own record after the film understood. "Burn, burn my star, the star of my best …". Act is not even on the chakras. Church and folk music is now in even the soul. Ethnic, folk music affects not only the soul but also the impact on the Spirit. So, while the people are folk songs, the people alive, alive his Soul and Spirit. I am not referring to some modern bands that are trying to lower the contrast down to the level of popular music that is "two pritopa three prihlopa." Omitted from the upper to the lower chakras, that is utter degradation — perceptions translate from mental and spiritual to the material, that is, on the emotions and instincts. The songs that take the quick, they dazheslovopostroenie more. We shall understand, that each letter has a certain vibration. And in those songs there are vibrations that act on the soul …

The following system of influence on people — is the internet and computers. It is a system of absorption, which leads to a different person, a virtual reality. Let us consider an example: A man working at the plant, was the breadwinner of his family. The plant was closed, there is no place to work in the specialty. And a man has to get a job podsobnikom, janitor, and his wife to work fine. He then takes over there, and there, all unemployed. But psychologically, he raised so that the man is the master, earner, the breadwinner of the family. A home to him, "But what are you a supporter, what earner, but with you … you'll die of hunger." It is said the young man. And where did he go? He goes to his friends. And if your friends, they make any game: "Here, sit down, to develop, to play" hodilki-shooter. " He wins there, where he feels the winner, it pours all his aggression, manifested his manhood and its addictive. Computer becomes pohlesche any drug. Especially now, when a computer or laptop in almost every house there. People on the Internet is communication around the world, can not even see with whom. He can find fellowship in the Spirit, in knowledge, interest. And he no longer belongs to himself, its computer network, this Internet swallowed. Ponder "Internet — Web". Who weaves a web? Weaving spiders to fall victim to the web. Why go somewhere? Went to the online store, and you will bring home all. Movie to see — no problem, either, even that is only released to cinemas. Work on the Internet — please. Orders for the creation of Web sites — at your service. And a person does not go to the street, he was taken out of this world. He lives in a virtual world, in an artificially created. A virtual world developed to the point that you can already take any shape, have virtual sex. There are taking shape, wear a helmet, gloves … — communication on a virtual level, but the person sitting in the small room closed. It has not used the power of the person using only his brain. Previously, people with their hands and brains to achieve something. And the Internet absorbs the soul of man, he kills her. And after the soul is destroyed, and the Spirit. They are affected by the radiation monitor. When they are constants, is the irradiation. If as in Soviet times there was service safety, they would just shut all the computers, because it is harmful to health. If Ray Tubes monitors affect the system as a radioactive irradiation, the notebook LCD screens create soft radiation, which affects the brain through the retina of the eye due to the alternating blinking three colors. The brain of this impact is diluted.

We used to have the most free press was "yellow." They download information from the Internet. Beginning in 2000, all the articles, such as "Death to the monitor," disappeared. Monitor someone rewarded cancer, leukemia someone — radiation sickness. All this is removed, the network providers vebstranichki cleaned. This, like the free vaccination. There is no money to increase teachers' salaries, increase pensions to retirees, as are funds "from nowhere" to voluntary and forced children to be vaccinated against diseases that have disappeared in the 19th century and there are only somewhere in Africa, New Guinea. And for what? Put the child vaccinated, and who in 20-30 years will know that this vaccine from people died in the prime of life and strength mysteriously. But during this time, the resources of his soul, his brain resources can be used to its fullest. All of this system of power influence, the system of information weapons.

Strongly influenced by human artificial development. Now very active in the world uses a system of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Neuro — neurons (cells) of the brain, linguistics — the programming language. NLP — linguistic human exposure to nerve level through his emotions, actions, words, and more. NLP is used very often in advertising, in their election programs. Man, like, say the usual phrase. Were founded upon what has been known since antiquity. For example, a man asked, "How do you feel about tea?". The man replies, "I can not stand." A seagull — is related to the woman. The image of a horse — is the ratio of men. What is the image of the sea like the "Storm or calm and quiet — God's grace?". And this man's attitude to love. Some like rough, some deep, some light, surface, etc. One of the means of protection, when you feel the effect on yourself mentally to set a mirror, a mirror layer of yourself, then everything returns to send. Some have a two-way mirror: that I radiate — is to me, and all that emit more — back to them. When you're all nervous, the best way — is to go to take a steam bath or walk barefoot on the ground, it immediately calms. "

Currently, methods of mental impact on a huge number of people. Here is a simple example of the impact on the psyche in order to advertise a product. All you have repeatedly observed in heaven rainbow. View rainbow recorded in our subconscious.

Remind children hint sequence of colors in the rainbow, "Every hunter wants to know where sits the pheasant." That is, outside of the rainbow inside are colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Kind of a rainbow is the most beautiful person in the sense of beauty and harmony. Now let's change the order of colors in the rainbow in reverse order.

Consciousness of the majority of people do not even notice, such as the inverted rainbow flashed before block advertisements on a main Russian TV channel for a whole year. But the subconscious clearly caught the substitution of the true rainbow and send a false signal to the mind of man to pay attention to it. A person's attention has been drawn to a rainbow of false advertising of any sort, as required.

And now remember the feelings you experienced during the rapid approach of danger, such as crossing a road in front suddenly appeared from behind a corner the car? Main — a feeling of fear, but it is accompanied by an increased heart rate, and the release of hormones, and many other changes that are happening to you, but not captured by your sleeping consciousness. But it is happening and the release of energy, or as it is called "Gavva." A huge number of living beings in this world are just waiting for this gavvaha that nourished them. This technology, heightened attention of our consciousness, skillfully use in advertising causing subconscious fear the sudden approach of some object or a sudden increase in the audio ads. And then we wonder, after watching ads, why children perform poorly in school, why are sick, where we have chronic fatigue. All the energy through deception and fear, seen on a television screen, we splashed out and presented as a dinner different Navneet entities — lyarvam, which we shall discuss. And then, due to our own ignorance, we wonder why our children are sick, why do they have immunity worse than us in childhood, etc. These and similar durilok set. Such technologies are widely used during the "piarnyh companies." Therefore, it is better not to look no advertising, especially to children.

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