Kramer: I do not take seriously the promises of Venezuela

Former Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer in an interview ARU said he did not take seriously the promises of Venezuela, as well as contracts for the supply of energy to Belarus.

"It will not be feasible and effective way to generate alternative sources of energy bypassing Russia. I think that such relationships are due ostracized by the international community and the inability to find friends elsewhere," said David Kramer.

80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan oil, "Santa Barbara" arrived in Estonia on July 23. The tanker "NS CHAMPION", which sails under the flag of Liberia hydrocarbons unloaded at the port of Muuga. This is Estonia's largest port, the terminal is used by Russian oil traders for overseas shipments. However, after the events of the Bronze Soldier, the first violin in the management of the terminal began to play Belarusian businessmen who live in Poland. It is they who Vesta Terminal Tallinn, one of the companies, through which carried supplies from Venezuela to Belarus.

Oil supplies are implemented in the framework of the agreement between the Alexander Lukashenko and Hugo Chavez. Belarus plans to buy from Venezuela 4,000,000 tons by May 2011and, as for the next year another 10 million tons.

"NS CHAMPION" — the fifth tanker with Venezuelan oil for Belarus. The first four arrived in the port of Odessa. However, due to the fact that the Odessa port can not take more than four tankers a month, all the more will be taken in the Baltic.


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