Kubilius invited Sidorsky cycling in Lithuania

Lithuania and Belarus would offer tourists a single route in the former territory of ON.

This idea during an informal meeting with the Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky expressed Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, reports DELFI.

They also discussed the possibility of building a gas terminal that would satisfy the needs of Belarus'.

According to the Lithuanian prime minister, Belarusian side is also interested in oil transit through the terminal "Klaipedos Nafta". According to Kubilius, this is a commercial issue that both parties must agree.

"Belarus is very interested in the development of new projects that would help her own, independently of Russia to provide itself with gas and oil. We as neighbors could help in addressing these issues," — said Kubilius.

"I know what they are discussing, and I believe that by least for trial runs will be created opportunities, and after that the economy itself has to say whether it is profitable to carry the Belarusians oil through our port and beneficial to seek profit in such a project, "- said the prime minister 'Prime Minister of Lithuania.

Kubilius makes bike ride to historic places in Belarus ON. Arriving in Shults to meet with Lithuanian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky on the bike did not join the Lithuanian delegation, however Kubilius hopes to lure him to Lithuania.

"Right now, we jokingly said that he should spend his vacation in Lithuania. Then we will try to create an opportunity for him velapaezdki to interesting historical places of Lithuania", — said Kubilius.


Andrius Kubilius, Lithuania

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