Kudrin again criticized the increase in military spending

Kudrin again criticized the increase in military spendingGrowth Russian military spending budget does not provide a suitable income growth in the future, these solutions need to be reviewed, said Alexei Kudrin.

"We have to recognize that we have reached the limit on the likely costs. Certainly, we are above the desired limit, decided to increase spending. This limit is overcome, and increase military spending 3% of GDP in the coming years does not ensured. In a 3-year budget of about half is associated with a decrease in funding for all other industries, half — just maintaining a lack of oil at a cost of $ 100 ", — quotes" Interfax "the ex-Minister of Finance for a business breakfast Savings Bank in Moscow.

"It will claim, it seems to me, is the revision in the coming two years. The rhetoric of "we will increase the costs for something", probably not is in the air, "- said Kudrin.

Specifically, the position on the question of building up military spending and public expression on the subject, including the address of President Dmitry Medvedev, have become a prerequisite Kudrin's resignation at the end of September this year.

According to him, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of budget spending. "We need to increase the efficiency of 3-5 years is 10-20% of the cost," — said the former Minister of Finance. In the unlikely event that considers Kudrin, "Will read that some increase in costs will decrease others." For all this, in his opinion, Our homeland can not increase taxes.

Kudrin also said that there is a danger that in the coming years there will be a capital outflow from Russia.

According to the former minister, the government's ability to conduct policy response on this point is much less than in period the first wave of the crisis of 2008-2009.

"Our dependence on oil prices during budget exceeds $ 110 per barrel, which is very high. With all this growth Eurozone economy and the rest of the world will be very moderate, that sets the demand for our products, so this factor will be the smallest. We have to find the reserves, which will enhance the competitiveness of our economy and performance, "- said the ex-minister.

Provisions of the budget he proposes to find a more efficient spending. "Here we have a reserve. Increase the effectiveness of our spending in the coming 3, 4, 5 years for 10, 15, 20%. This is our reserve for the best performance of the country. Or do we have to state that, by increasing the cost of this, we are reducing the cost of another, "- said Kudrin.

According to him, the lack of ability to finance due to the increase of the tax burden on the moment, "this path before us is closed."

Referring to the situation in the eurozone, Kudrin said that the lack of discipline in times of economical growth and excessive tardiness policy makers in decision-making to overcome the crisis that led to the current situation in the eurozone, forcing loaf about the need to fix the new economic guidelines and limit the freedom of action of politicians in field of municipal money.

According to him, period lack of economic growth, even in the advanced countries in the 3% of GDP — often unnecessary disadvantage, since the peak of the crisis, it is important, and skoplenny debt — excessive.

"So we need, apparently, in the practice of governments, including the advanced countries, much to fix those benchmarks that we can allow ourselves to a period of successful growth and development. For developing countries, these restrictions more stringent, since we are even more vulnerable to these conditions, "- said Kudrin.

"Politicians in advanced countries did not take the necessary decisions, even when it was clear that these solutions are needed. While there were no real problems until they got up to full height, often politicians are not willing to make decisions that put them off, play populism. Unfortunately, it also asks for new devices or rules that would restrict the actions of politicians "- said Kudrin.

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