Kudrin knows how to save the rating of Vladimir Putin

A lot of fuss report Center for Strategic Studies, which the creators were given the title of "Changes in political mood of Russians after the presidential election." To jump to a specific display of the main theses of the report, you must immediately mentioned that representatives of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) is not himself came up with the idea of conducting this kind of research. This idea they threw notorious Alexei Kudrin, who is now the head of the Committee of civilian initiatives, and once worked up a sweat in the Government of the Russian Federation, but after the disgrace of the then president Medvedev poluoppozitsionnuyu had to take a position, the status of which up to now can not find enough accuracy with Russian political scientists.

Kudrin knows how to "save" the rating of Vladimir Putin

Autumn slush standard 2012, temperature extremes, and perhaps, magnetic storms badly acted by Alexei Kudrin, and he was drawn … no — no to a glass, God forbid, but in sociological research sentiment in the middle of the Russians. With all of this order for the study was made CSR mentioned that since 2005, led by Mikhail Dmitriev. That, apparently, has mobilized all its own internal reserves for-profit organizations, and members plunged into the order of the former Minister of Finance in Russia.

In the results do not have to hesitate … main theme of the report was prepared by the idea that the majority of Russians are already mentally and physically ripe for revolution. According to the CSR, Putin's position shaky as ever, and his political rating is "only" 42%. Like, it's hard enough for effective governance. CSR experts also somehow able to calculate that in the future, this is the rating, and if old enough, it is only to the level of equality between positive attitude to politics, Vladimir Putin, and the attitude is not good. Frame is so "low" rating President may be a precursor of revolutionary upheaval in the country.

With all of this comes involuntarily to mind an idea: maybe strategists of CSR are new to the global trends in terms of higher ratings of political control. At least some civilized country rating policy may rise and fall, but this is far not always catches the mechanisms of coups and revolutions. It is often fixed ranking drop to much lower elevations than 42% of Vladimir Fishing season.

If, as an example see zabugornye country, Barack Obama's job approval in the United States have expressed a little more than 43% of the Yankees, rating Merkel balances in 38-40%, the approval of David Cameron and the one below. But for all that no revolutionary upheaval in either the U.S. or in Germany or in England is not observed, and of these forecasts, no one should. So do not go too to stick CSR specialists …

No one is going to argue with the fact that in Russia there are quite a tangible layer of people who did not trust the government, no one is going to argue with the fact that the problems in Russian society, as they say, above the roof, no one is going to put the power of our holy and undefiled … But the words that they say the Russians more about the revolution, you can assume to put it mildly, quite unusual. They say we have about atrocious weather, and the "coming" end of the world, but to link these discussions with some complete metamorphosis in the public life, no one is going. So why is report the "talking about the revolution" must somehow care about the majority of Russians.

Yes, apparently, most of the Russians, it really is not a lot of care. But it caused anxiety of Alexei Kudrin. Well, someone else would have to disturb the results presented CSR as either Alexei Kudrin? After all, in the end, it was he, and was a major customer of this work. As you know, who reports and studies books, and he has every right to behold in their appropriate information itself. It happened at this time.

The fact that the creators of the report announced to the entire country as our home can avoid a revolution. Yes, yes. We can still be "saved," but only on one condition. To do this, the government should go for a kind of reorganization. It turns out that there will not have to solve any legislative or institutional problems, rather "easy" to remove the current prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, in other words — and that's all …

CSR strategists all analyzed and realized that all his failures Vladimir Fishing season and drop ranking incumbent povinet specifically Medvedev. This Tipo his policies forced the masses to go to the process of fermentation. If, say, Medvedev is not clear from the structure of the Government has for the moment, that in 2-3 years the country will face a really severe political crisis …

But if you remove Medvedev, it is necessary to look for another chapter of the Cabinet of Ministers. And here's the whole purpose of making manifest the report. The new prime minister is already sits, you know, Readily, but only his own and expects an invitation from Vladimir Putin, so he began to increase their own political rating. As you guessed, the new chairman of the Russian government, CSR is trying by all means to us to provide the customer case study, that is, Alexei Kudrin.

But then terribly offended Kudrin Medvedev when the latter sought from the Minister to hand over money ministerial "crust". So offended that to this day dreams of a vendetta against now Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Certainly, experts at the CSR could imagine and even more impressive numbers, saying the country's development will only succeed Putin Kudrin, but such insolence Alexei Leonidovich afford for themselves could not, and so I decided to think strategically, driving a wedge between Putin and Medvedev.

Now, perhaps, when the president met with the prime minister over a cup of tea, the first states to the second: "Hey, Dmitry Anatolyevich, and Kudrin said that the fact that my rating goes down, you povinet!" And Medvedev replied: "Do not listen to him, Vladimir Vladimirovich.! On offended carry water … "

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