Kummiry our Gods and Ancestors

C ancient times our ancestors portrayed images of various gods. Images were made of stone, tree, precious metals, etc.. These images are called in different ways: in the form of the statue — Kummiry because of a relief image on the plane — the image, because painting — Faces. Kummirov standing in a valley called "IDOL (true in the valley)."

In this section we talk about Kummirah. The word itself means Kummir: KUM-relative, MIP-universe. Universal relation. Kummir — is two-way communication with God and his power. Slavic gods — are our ancestors, and we are their descendants. Therefore, cutting and tree Kummira people slaughtered their ancestors. And the purer the heart and soul of the master, the clearer it portrays the image of a God without distorting it.

Images of gods usually stvoryalis of male wood: oak, beech, ash, elm, cedar. And the image of the Virgin of the female species: Birch, Willow, Larch etc.. Kummirah to represent different characters: Swastika, Runes, rotation, Decals. Kummirov dimensions are 1 inch (17.78 cm) to 4 fathoms (1137.44 cm) and above.

Kummir kind depicted as a wise old man watching their actions. Man turns to his gods and ancestors with love in my heart, Kummir helps to concentrate. Kummirov usually placed in the temple and the sanctuary, at the family altar, the sacred groves and on the waterfront, in places celebrations and church services.

To the base Kummirov put bloodless sacrifices and religious rites (pancakes, fruit, nuts, etc.). The energy of these products goes to the gods and ancestors, and the gods, in turn, through this channel sends people to help, support and blessing.

Generic Kummiry carefully preserved and passed from generation to generation. ANCIENT Kummiry kept genera about the generations through which these Kummiry passed. The older Kummir more expensive it for posterity. Kummir opens your ancestral memory in humans. With Kummirov people can go back and see the life of their ancestors.

Turning to Kummiru kind person applies to all of his ancestors, to his family (genetic) of memory, drawing from it all that it needs to live in the world explicitly. However, his birth canal expands. Man as a leaf on the family tree gets more power from the roots of their ancestors and vice versa remembering them, honoring and glorifying, it feeds their family for their love, care, creativity and joy. Therefore ancestors so treasured their ancestral kummirov, transmitted to their descendants and also bequeathed to us cherish. As stated in the "Word Wise Wise Men", "Watch as the apple of his eye Kummiry heavenly gods and all patrons of the ancient banners of their fathers, for if we fail to save up the shrine of childbirth, they will not escape the ancient throughout your sorrows, dark hard times and losses."

Our bright celestial gods can manifest itself in a clear world through people or through kummirov. So the more Slavic kummirov will stand on ancestral altars, the more opportunities will be our gods and ancestors are manifested world, and their support and patronage to such a serious time for the Slavs is necessary.

Hrestyane know it well, so try as much as possible to build their temples, to fill the space with its influence and prevent the Slavs to wake up. Hrestyane even created the commandment "Do not make yourself Kummira." And they have in view is the image of our ancestral gods, that we never remember who we are, and were their slaves.

During Christianization burned in the first place and the image Kummiry Slavic gods. And if there is no image of the gods, people do not remember about them and do not know and, therefore, there is no presence of God, and there is no support for the presence of Rod and Rod Heaven and ancestors. The court is the plight of the Slavic family. Childbirth wither because cut their roots. Children are born sick, Slavs lost the concept of Roda. Can save themselves if only we turn to our ancestors and the gods (the essence is the same), I will make Ancestral altars put Kin Kummirov, light candles and incense bring rites and gifts, restore broken ties with Heaven and acquire protection Rod and Celestial Gods .

Children growing on the supervision of the Kin Kummirov, grow stronger, and from childhood accustomed to live in relationship with the Gods and a child will be hard to knock out of the way and make it a pariah. The children are our future!

Thank the gods and our ancestors!

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