Kurginyan: at the end of the 80s there was a tragedy

Kurginyan: at the end of the 80s there was an accident"The system made by Gorbachev and Yeltsin, I prefer to call the cesspool"

Tomorrow will perform in Yekaterinburg political scientist, director and founder of the movement and the favorite "Essence of Time" Sergei Kurginyan. In the near future is quite often "touring" in the towns of the Russian Federation public figure had to draw the attention of many share his views and opposite — those who disagree with thoughts of motion and the proposed scenario of the future of. IA "News" has decided to make his world of Sergei Kurginyane by asking him a few questions. In our conversation, Sergei Ervandovich laid out his vision of the situation in the country, describing what is happening "cesspool", which will go on "The essence of time" — in other words, with all the bad that is on this day in the Russian state. In order for the reader to form his own worldview, we publish the words of Sergei Kurginyan unedited in its entirety.

-At a rally on Poklonnaya Hill you said that I am against the current policy of Vladimir Fishing season. What you are directly exposed to criticism — social reform, national politics, international affairs?

Many times I have read about it. I will say again. Although, unfortunately, the short answer to this question is not realistic. In the late 80s there was a terrible tragedy. Destroying not only the meanings that the Soviet population was converted into a strong community of solidarity. It can be called the "Soviet people" or "a union of peoples." The fact that this community was that it was sealed by a certain semantic scrapie. And that these buckles were completely dismantled reformers who organized vsepolnotsennuyu war against this community. Yes, and that's not exhausted. Perestroika defeated the milieu from which grow meanings. You can call this environment "ideal as such."

So here, was destroyed everything of what could bring forth any meaning. Even the ones that would suit reformers. When I talk about ways suiting reformers, I guess someone of perestroika and really wanted to organize the latest life on our country. Another guess is, you see, is very dark. But imagine that someone wanted to organize our newest location vsepolnotsennuyu life. After that staged perestroika, this "someone" is nothing of the sort could not. For this to be done with meanings — let's not similar to the previous ones, but the specific meaning. And these meanings can no longer produce the light of day. After all, the context in which they need to grow, destroyed. Feel the scale of the disaster?

She did, incidentally, continues to this day. I call it the "metaphysical", but if someone is more like it, we call it a "catastrophe perfect." It is easier, though, with all this disappears accuracy wording. But in answer to your question does not need precision and intelligibility. From my point of view, I quite understood the essence of the acts outlined Gorbachev. Do participate in this Putin? No. It was at this time, to put it mildly, not the greatest rank in the external intelligence. Was abroad. By definition, was not involved in anything of the above.

I pass from Gorbachev to Yeltsin. Gorbachev, Yeltsin continued business. TV, print with indomitable fury dealt not only with the history and ideology, and with the soil from which grow any meaning. At the Security Council, headed by Yeltsin, it was stated that "the national idea to have money." This is the traditional formula of a criminal country. Funds — a very important regulator of life, control of processes occurring in the real environment. But to make their idea … This is — a traditional cult of the Golden Calf.

What is the cult of the Golden Calf? This statement of the eligibility for the means of all, anything — since the former are most important. You are ready to implement the means for their own child, the beloved person? Not ready. And for the means to realize the honor, meanings? Well, so … It's been said that everything can be done. And it worsened the disaster meanings. This terrible war with meanings, organized, for example, the same empire Gusinsky.

Thus, Yeltsin continued destruction of all the preconditions flawless organization of life on the ground. In other words, strengthening all the prerequisites antiidealnyh disruption of life. But he added to this real life background disorganization, building for 5 years (from 1991 to 1996) specifically criminal capitalism. Eligible clusters among the Russian population was not. A mean initial concentrations were criminal or subkriminalnymi. Accelerated build capitalism meant to give a property in the hands of criminal and subkriminalnyh parts. Chubais directly stated that he specifically did it. Kriminialnye and subkriminalnye items received property, helped to destroy the real background of organization of life on the ground. Crime to exist, to storm these prerequisites. Reincarnate the crime in the ruling class meant to storm the premises with such indescribable force. They agreed the two processes — the tragedy flawless prerequisites life organization in the locality and the real tragedy of the prerequisites of life organization in the field.

Happened was not simply the sum of 2-catastrophes. Amount — half the trouble. Unfortunately, began an active chemical reaction, during which the two disasters, united, formed more than any of them individually. Began a systematic regression. See how many you need to say in anticipation of an answer to your main question? Agree that this system regress — deindustrialization, dekulturizatsiya, de-socialization, etc. — Was built without Putin. The emergence of Putin's political scene in the late Yeltsin period, this does not mean Putin's role in all of the above. He was one of the functionaries of the system, which was built by Gorbachev and Yeltsin. More precisely it would be erected to call them anti-system. Unless, of course, do not invest in this term Gumilev content. And since the content is sure to be someone invested in a similar term, I prefer to call this system the name of Gorbachev and Yeltsin trash.

So, there was a big mess. For this cesspool ran doling utilizers. Grabbing all that is bad. Robbed. Killed. Garbage was preparing to extinction, collapse into pieces, the transition under external management, and so on. And then came Putin. What did he do with the garbage heap? He organized pomoechnuyu life. Divided Midden apart. Set standards pomoechnoy disposal. Proclaimed representatives who have to look for disposal. And so on. Who does not like the term Garbage, I can offer other definitions. Well, for example, the Zone. It's not only a criminal term. Although in this case it is fully empowered. It's also the Strugatsky brothers. Remember their Zone B? Either their own Doomed? Either their own Roadside Picnic? Or Stalker with his Zone? It's all about the same. Our country is really Zone catastrophe — a catastrophe flawless and physical conditions conducive to vsepolnotsennuyu life.

This very principle that being attacked not only the cause of providing life, and prerequisites, allowing to recover these reasons. The enemy decided to mop up all the way here to have a guarantee of non-recoverable tysyacheprotsentnuyu normal life in our area. But back to the form Midden. Putin has streamlined life in the trash. Did all the guidance system pomoechnogo order, etc.. Scrapyard, Ready-to-death emergency, became the site of a long-term orderly agony. If
Putin did not, Scrapyard would have died in 2000. Now, by streamlining pomoechnoy life, Garbage can live up to 2017.

How to treat it? On the one hand, if Garbage died, we would not have talked to you reconstruction of Russian life. And we are discussing. On the other hand, which meaning Perpetuating pomoechnoe being? The meaning of one — to save power for transformation pomoechnogo being into being in possession of a very different quality. The question is not how to organize life in the trash, but the fact, that pomoechnost flee. Putin does not. It improves the life of a garbage company.

Because I read, and then I say now, that I am opposed to this policy, this philosophy and so on. Another term of this philosophy and this policy — Wearing Midden to Europe. Say, we need a European mess. But if our own elite will not somehow what Midden and Midden Europe, it is an excellent outcome for our pseudo-elites. After Sewer within a large euro house has an enormous capitalization. And having found such capitalization, our pan-European elite acquires status. The dream of a similar status, and a similar position in the global division of labor was born back in the Soviet era and was transformed into a big project Andropov's KGB.

What is entering Europe? Here in fact need to say what specifically as we enter there. When negotiating, it is necessary to recognize that enter into Europe at the moment we can concretely as majestically Midden — environmental and otherwise. And our elite was fully prepared to go to Europe, specifically in such a capacity. But then the difficulties began. Putin and some of his team are not ready to share Midden apart. It's your faithful servant calls today our being organized pomoechnym being. And the patriotic part of Putin's team another estimate of the properties being. More precisely, there is a range of estimates. But I have outlined above estimate in the range does not fit in any way. In short, when the Europeans pronounced that Garbage in order to be built in Europe, subject to the dismemberment of Putin and of his team balked.

Then there Bolotnaya Square, Sakharov Avenue, the revolt of the "creative class," and other far-reaching mischief. So what now? We must continue to insist on entering all our Midden in Europe? And that means insist on this? After all, Europe decides in what form we need it. A different concept, not counting the occurrences in Europe, our elites do not. All of our elite consists of Westerners. Putin is not a exception in this sense. I Westernism foreign descent in 3 ways. First. The current West — is a mutant. This is not the traditional West which if you can not adore, then respect. 2nd. No we will not let Europe completely, even as a single dump.

3rd. We need them as trash, and besides, broken into pieces. But we let them have been necessary in the form of a single Midden — itself is something we need in a different capacity. The answer is so deployed to the question of why I am against the policies of Putin and why I'm right with this more formidable adversary "dobivateley Midden", they also bog-sugar liberals, I can even briefly answer the other questions.

-October 14, Center for Strategic Research published a report on the changing political mood of people after the Russian presidential election. Results of the study of views from different sectors of the population have shown that people who on the one hand, do not want to revolutionary upheaval, on the other hand, does not believe in "legitimate change of power in the elections." At the same time, confidence in the institutions of power to the president and first substantially changed "from the negative to the aggressive and alienated." In your opinion, can I change these attitudes in society, while maintaining the stability of the ideology of Vladimir Putin?

In 1-x, people are more aware pomoechnost life, which he proposed. They are not happy about. Can you blame them for it? In-2-x, y Midden has its own logic. Its resources are not infinite. And sharing pomoechnyh resources have satisfied many. Pomoechnaya life by definition unstable.

Extend its power can only create conditions for the riots, organized by the same pomoechnomu law. Pomoechnaya hungry and half-starved elite, is not admitted to a particularly large robbery, will rebel against pomoechnoy super elite.

And against the division of resources from all population Midden.

Also against the theorem, according to which the Garbage must be united and indivisible. Life in the trash — this expansion. A decomposition can not be combined with the stability of at least some type, not counting, of course, residual resistance (pomoechnogo destroy part of the population and this buy temporary stability).

-Is it even possible that anxious for power signals will be heard, and we will change the course of his or significant correction?

By what rules will be those adjustments? According pomoechnym or anti pomoechnym? What will be the social base of the adjustments of the vector? Agree here because it all depends on the case to the dustbin. At least from the recognition of the correctness of this metaphor. In the unlikely event there is no way out of the impasse. You can not navigate the reality and even more so to change it, if you ignore all of the major features of this very fact.

-The study showed "Levada Center," nearly two-thirds of people believe that Parliament and other public universities in Russia, including the federal media, subject to the executive. The most unusual that such a "vertical of power" does not suit the majority of Russians (66%), lack of rigidity. It states that the citizens do not behold the real candidates, despite the increased protests, the emergence of new movements and parties, there is no trust favorites opposition. What kind of a program can offer movement "Essence of Time" besides theoretical research? Is there such a program that either it is in the development stage?

I do not believe, "Levada-Center" in general. And to this I have the most severe ground. The "Essence of Time" has its own sociological center "axiom." We conduct more detailed studies, if "Levada-Center". We work with a very experienced social scientists. What's all the same for the media, no subordination of a single executive vertical not. For this example program Maksimovskaya look pretty on REN-TV. There is pomoechny pomoechny optimism and pessimism. "The essence of time" really seriously antipomoechnuyu program from developing. In fact, for this we have gathered.

-Will the movement transformed into a party, in order to have a greater ability to influence the social and political processes in Russia?

Already 30 years old I'm looking with great attention the activities of the organization "Muslim Brotherhood." From the ideological point of view of the organization is to me terribly far. A politically — aggressive as far as the professed principle of the caliphate, in other words, the destruction of my homeland. But from the standpoint of system architecture, "Muslim Brotherhood" organized very well. This is not a game, but something even greater. I stress again — I rely on this type of organization is specifically based on the beliefs of the system architecture, and nothing more. It is very important to emphasize.

Well, now, behold, it is necessary to do more than the party, and later create a party or a party's our principle. At least some other type orgstroitelstva contrary to our ideas and principles. At first, we will do something more than a party, and later the party or parties. A simple example — we have very many adherents in the so-called near abroad. In what position we put them, if limited to simple party building?

-Now we see an attempt to
make a fascinating union — + orthodox Communists. Is there any chance of this union, and what is the potential? It's a real friendship or alliance against someone or something? For example, against the same set of laws on social patronage and juvenile justice? Do not fall apart after a union merit goals? After all, whatever is read as the theorists of the "orthodox communism" or the "Christian communism", to many supporters of the communist regime of the Russian Orthodox Church — is, first, the persecution of the church, the destruction of the priesthood, the closing of churches?

We're talking about a real synthesis of communism and Christianity, communism and religion in general. What does the past? In the past there have been mistakes, otherwise we would not have collapsed. We wish to make on the basis of USSR 2.0 is very much transformed the communist ideology. And we believe that it can be. In Latin America, something similar has happened. Yes, there is a large bill at the religious people to atheistic communism and communist atheistic religion. But there is something more — the fate of the country, we are defending, overcoming a humiliating pomoechnogo being, etc. On this basis, almost all can be overcome. And I am convinced that such overcoming true. At least, "The essence of time" only works on it.

-As far as our opposition to its charismatic favorites, who do not go on television, is a real force that is ready to change life to the best in the country, and the danger of power? Who said that these charismatic favorites?

What do you mean they do not go to the screens? What is the general role of these screens will be in the coming years? Can we rescue home, if candidates do not do these screens replaced in order to break on them? As for the danger of power, then again at the forefront to raise the issue of trash. What kind of power? Authority over the cesspool? Hegel said, would be "the power to Midden." Or power, overcoming the "pomoechny Rock"? "The essence of time" are only interested in overcoming this Rock.

-What will be the regrouping of the Kremlin's enemies? What alliances are you seeing?

I have already referred to some principles. For example, the principle of the integrity of the Midden. Either the principle of entering Midden in Europe. According to these principles will be regrouping. Liberals will seek the dismemberment Midden in the name of its rapid entry into Europe. Conservatives will balk. Angry bourgeoisie will seek redeployment Midden. Midden hosts will defend the status quo. And so on. Can and should engage in detailed analytics Midden. But from a strategic point of view is fundamentally only one — the accumulation of forces to overcome pomoechnosti. At least, "Essence of Time" will only deal with it.

-From the point of view of history, what scenario of events in Russia do you predict?

Well, you also ask about the stories. It's yet to prove that we are on the next stage of specific historical process. The basic scenario is, of course, is the inertia. This is the scenario vnutripomoechnyh balance of forces while maintaining pomoechnoy consensus framework. But that's not what will be the main scenario. The main scenario in August 1917 was the complete destruction of. And we are still somehow pull, even at the moment. And before that, a couple of times helped the population of the earth, for it and we responded dark ingratitude. By the way, if you can call such a response "historic"? How annoying would it sounds, in a similar interview can not be completely open the importance of such categories as "historicity." I'm already teetering on the brink permissible for an interview, answering your questions are very complex.

-Do you really think the real return of socialism?

The movement "Essence of Time" appears with the concept of "USSR 2.0", as a revival of real, and most importantly, the burning? And how do you think this can be implemented, are interested in the mechanism and timing of the idea? Or Garbage — or USSR 2.0. In this life, how unfortunate it did not sound nominated specifically as follows. I say "unfortunately" because I understand how difficult it is to put into practice the USSR 2.0. But just do not see any other alternatives that overcome the situation Straseni Midden.

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