Kuril node

Kuril node

Exactly 55 years have passed since the restoration diplomatically relations between our country and Japan. But signed in autumn 1956, a joint declaration was not that document which have decided to territorial disputes between states. Make out of the present situation in the region to start from a historical point of view.

So, in 1956, the Soviet Union and Japan were close to that once and for all to resolve border disputes. Negotiations about who would get the Kuril Islands, a joint fishing in their waters, the territorial jurisdiction of the Sakhalin held between Russian and Japanese delegations in the English capital. Side USSR performed salting in England Yakov Malik which knew Japan and the position of the Rising Sun expressed salting Land of the Rising Sun in London Sovereign Matsumoto.

At first, the situation was very complicated, because the Japanese diplomats insisted, that Russian The Alliance recognized the territorial affiliation Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Island south of Japan. Russian The Alliance was not interested in such territorial concessions, but was interested in establishing good relations with the Japanese government. Must be seen to diplomatically contacts between the countries is not seen since the second World War, after which the USSR managed to recover for himself, southern Sakhalin, who quit the Land of the Rising Sun in accordance with the Treaty of Portsmouth, 1905. In addition, following the second World USSR included in its boundaries, and the Kuril Islands, which in 1875 passed the Land of the Rising Sun Russian Empire. As is evident from these facts and the Kuriles, and Sakhalin than once passed from hand to hand.

In 1955, the country decided to finally sit down at the negotiating table, and in a number of questions put at the beginning of moving forward. Namely, Jacob Malik, whom Nikita Khrushchev even scolded for excessive delays in the negotiations, has offered residents of the country of the rising sun sign a peace deal with the transfer of the archipelago and the island of Shikotan Habamai. The Japanese side, suspecting USSR in diplomatic softness, decided to make a contract to the same words on the transfer of Iturup and Kunashir. Such a turn of events Russian delegation Named blatant intransigence, on which negotiations were completed.

Now, Tokyo says that nearly 1956 Russian Alliance gave himself Khabomai with Shikotan under his wing. With the formulation of the question itself Our homeland disagrees, because this contract with mutual obligations and has not been signed. In the end, every government about the Kuril Islands remains in their own world, and tries to solve the problem of their ways.

Already which year residents of the country of the rising sun are planted on the islands of so called "peaceful landing", which include environmentalists, doctors and artists. Means these people the Japanese authorities are trying to show people of Russian Kurils their loyalty to him. In addition, in the Land of the Rising Sun now is a whole programm on "cultural and historical education," the inhabitants of the Kuril Islands. As part of the programs from the Russians granted visa-free opportunity to visit the Japanese cities in order to get the 'right' disk imaging on who should belong to the same Kurils, on the views of the Japanese side. All these applets for the inhabitants of the Continent, as they say about the rest of the islanders of the Russian Federation, it may seem a PR-action, obmyslennoy Tokyo. Basically, the way it is. But that's all bad for us, the Russians, that the inhabitants of the Kurile responding positively to the Japanese proposals on treatment, access to education, acquaintance with the culture of the Rising Sun. How else to react to people who for the last few decades, and only looked at how the Kuril Islands are in decline. Many of the country's leaders have stated that our homeland would bother about the inhabitants of the Kurile Islands and the islands themselves, filling their infrastructure and jobs. But then the words of the situation has not progressed.

And Russian authorities claim that the Kuril Islands will be transferred significant military group with arms and other equipment.
We, as inhabitants of the Continent are pleased to say: finally the Kuriles really cared. But as long as the islanders refer to statements from Moscow are very cautious. Why? Yes because, in-1's, the presence of an expanded military contingent does not solve the numerous social problems, in-2, as we have in the country is often the case, excellent plans may well remain on paper or realized in the best case half.

Meanwhile, Moscow is going to "show gruel" people of the country of the rising sun in the Kuril Islands, the young girls who live on the islands, are increasingly marrying specifically for the Japanese to move to the Land of the Rising Sun for permanent residence. It turns out that if you continue to look at this dilemma through the fingers, soon in the Kuril Islands and guard-that some will. Well, is not that new or remodeled an old airfields at work on which has already identified numerous thefts of municipal funds.

Because to start the Kurils is all the same to protect against official corruption, and from ours, "mainland" of indifference to them.

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