Kuvad syndrome or pregnant men

Syndrome or kuvad

If a man is experiencing the pregnancy of his wife, experiencing the same feelings as the spouse — is not love, but the hysterical neurosis, which is called "Syndrome kuvad".About the disease in an interview with "Medical Newspaper" said Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship Marilov Valery, who for 15 years have seen patients with such a disorder.

— What is a syndrome kuvad?

— Used in the name of the disease term is derived from the French verb couver, meaning "hatch". Kuvad syndrome is a set of psychogenic and psychosomatic disorders in young men with pregnant wives. Clinic pathological feelings of the young man in conformity with what was happening to his wife expecting a baby. If it changes your appetite, all feeding behavior, and the woman begins to use malosedobnuyu food, the same suffering and her husband. He feels the same pain experienced by wife, for example in case of deviations pelvic bones.

The main symptoms of the disease include: morning sickness, reduced, mutilation or increased appetite, almost daily nausea and vomiting — sometimes on an empty stomach, sometimes at the sight or smell some certain foods, frequent constipation or, conversely, diarrhea, stomach or intestinal cramps, pain in the abdomen, which is sometimes the nature and intensity can even simulate an attack of appendicitis, low back pain, psychogenic toothache, as well as so-called pain empathy or sympathy pains . This is expressed in the fact that her husband's sense localized in the same body as that of his pregnant wife.

These symptoms are accompanied by emotional instability, increased irritability, depression, inner tension, insomnia, moodiness, extreme egocentricity, intolerance, rejection of other points of view on a particular issue. Interestingly, the capriciousness of men with the syndrome kuvad significantly exceeds the "levity desires" really pregnant women. Most often in such a syndrome imitation discomfort of pregnancy refers to the digestive system, although variations in regard to the involvement of an organ can be very broad. Not surprisingly, these men are sent to an infectious or surgical clinic with suspected different diseases.

During the study of psychosomatic diseases gastrointestinal tract, we have identified 9 cases of classic syndrome kuvad. Initially, they mistakenly interpreted as stomachalgia or irritable bowel syndrome. Only a thorough focused history, as well as the chronological coincidence of symptoms in men with corresponding manifestations in their pregnant wives allowed to exclude these diagnoses and stay on the diagnosis of the syndrome kuvad.

— When the future father notices at this unusual manifestation of the disease?

— As a rule, three months pregnant wife, and their peak they reach the ninth month. When the going gets childbirth, men feel even worse. Sometimes, however, observed two discrete peaks — the third and the ninth month of the relative pressure reduction of symptoms in between. One third of the patients symptoms of the syndrome debuts rapidly, but the time of delivery may disappear completely, a third of it only disappears after the birth of the child, gradually disappearing as the healing of fractures among women in childbirth and relief of other obstetric complications. The severity of a man depends on what he thinks about the birth of his wife. If he presents them with horror, the horror of this and will be testing. The man is constantly ringing in the hospital, he will not rest until as long as he does not say that everything is fine, his wife had a son or daughter. After that pain daddy immediately cease. The wife of births over, it — too!

— What is the basis of forming kuvad syndrome?

— First of all, unconscious anxiety about the fate of his wife and unborn child, and to some extent a kind of feeling of guilt towards his wife. Some analysts believe that a false pregnancy in men is often a manifestation of his identification with his mother to atone to her. Kuvad syndrome is also associated with the same ritual in some nations, in which the husband of his wife during labor lies in bed, refuses to eat, shouts and gestures simulates different genera, taking some of the pain itself. This ritual is often used by medieval witches, who hurt his wife was transferred to her husband, for which he is often caught on fire Inquisition. As for the anthropological significance of this ritual, there is an interpretation very different — from the presence of men reduced female reproductive organs to a kind of symbolic struggles with matriarchy. Kuvad syndrome was described by several centuries ago. According to international research, 11% of men of reproductive age in varying degrees, have experienced this condition at the time of his wife's pregnancy, that is, one in nine of expectant fathers had kuvad syndrome. Separate the symptoms of this disease occur more frequently. For example, in the United States revealed abdominal option kuvad syndrome in 40% of surveyed men who have pregnant wives.

— What kind of men are impacted?

— All we have observed the patients were young people aged between 21 and 27 years, who were on the first marriage and the expected addition of the family. One young man already had a child, and during the first pregnancy of his wife he also observed manifestations of the syndrome kuvad. The identity of all patients was observed infantile-hysterical warehouse with a high level of collimation of anxiety and psychological well-developed mechanism of transfer. That's why his wife's pregnancy discomfort tolerated as a symptom syndrome kuvad at her husband, and this transfer is fueled huge, but an unconscious sense of guilt towards his wife. Characteristically, all these men were brought up in a strictly matriarchal families where the father was reduced to the function of reproduction. The family dominated and dictated his will and strong domineering mother, a kind Kabaniha that prevented even the possibility of an external right of choice. In its assessment of certain circumstances prospective patients have always been focused only on the mother and the other options did not even consider. Married they also optionally mother while their wives personal level were almost copies mothers. Therefore, the patients themselves in the family have always been on the sidelines, avoiding even the thought of a possible leadership.

All patients had one or other sexual disorders, mainly in the form of premature ejaculation, which caused them a certain inferiority complex. One young man, among other things, emotional sensitiveness, tearfulness, abdominal pain and heaviness in the lower back and had to his wife's pregnancy, coinciding chronologically with her premenstrual days (these events occurred at the husband for 6 months before pregnancy of his wife.) Such a "menstrual option" syndrome kuvad so far not been described in the literature. The mechanism of its emergence as a typical syndrome kuvad, apparently is the same for the transfer of the hysterical type mentioned above sympathy pains.

— Please provide a some a specific example of its clinical observations.

Sick O. 26 years, the education teacher of Russian language and literature. Married 20 years. Heredity burdened. The only child in the family. Raised by his mother and grandmother, the father left the family when the child was 4 months old. Mother of character — a person isteroepileptoidnogo warehouse is always a very emotional at the same time to the overbearing brutality and demanding to pedantry. A patient with a childhood lived according to its laws, implicitly complied with all of its instructions and warnings, she firmly believed in everything. So far, he believes that the question in t
he said mother — sacrilege. At the request of the mother entered the Pedagogical Institute, but did not like the future specialty. In his third year he married for love, but not before a year was dating a girl almost always in the presence of the mother. The bride and future mother in law got along with each other, and such an amazing similarity of the two women allowed the patient to avoid typical for such cases of conflict.

After the wedding, the patient found that his wife, as a mother takes care of him like a big baby, and all problems are solved by itself, showing an enviable determination, perseverance and tenacity. Wife suffered frigidity, premature ejaculation so my husband was fine with her, for which our patient simply adored her. When she became pregnant, her husband greeted this news is very disturbing. Pregnancy is the wife runs hard: from the first days experience nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, pain in the stomach area. In the fourth month of her pregnancy, her husband suddenly developed nausea and vomiting in the morning, and, later, the pain in the stomach. The patient decided that he had a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. He was examined at gastroenterologists, did a gastroscopy, but no pathology was identified. Doctors suggested that the disorder has arisen — in the nervous system, and advised him to drink and motherwort tincture of valerian. Symptoms of several softened. Later, the patient reported that his condition is determined entirely by the then state of health of his wife. In this case, all that is felt spouse, our patient experienced a significantly greater extent. If the wife observed single vomiting, then the husband she was invincible and often lasted several hours. He had to go to a therapist, who diagnosed food poisoning, and recommended hospitalization in infectious diseases hospital. Appetite for men are constantly absent, it is often nauseated and vomited, and for his wife's pregnancy, he has lost 11 lbs.

When the wife began prenatal fight and his eyes moved amniotic fluid, after which the woman was taken to a maternity hospital, a syndrome kuvad in future father reached the limit. He rushed about in terror of the apartment. It was at that moment he first felt the loss of bladder control, and then there was a sharp acute pain in the abdomen, so much so that, as he told, "breath." With suspected acute appendicitis patient was sent to the surgical hospital, where he was released after two hours in the absence of some Surgical Pathology and the disappearance of pain. But at home, the pain resumed and maintained for as long as man does not know that his son was born. After 5 years, our patient's wife became pregnant again, and he again in the fourth month of her pregnancy was the first to experience morning sickness, then nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. But this time, he had already realized a connection between feelings of his wife and their feelings, so regular visits to the therapist and has been assigned to him tranquilizers and antipsychotic drugs. Before birth the wife of the patient doubled dose of drugs taken and had only a small sharp pain in the abdomen.

In this case, we had been diagnosed with "hysterical neurosis." He came out of the existence of a specific traumatic situation caused by pregnancy of his wife, of the trigger mechanism of the phenomenon of unconscious psychological transference neurotic and hysterical symptoms circle. Characteristically, this psychological transference was not just full enough, but also excessive. At a resolution of traumatic situations (birth wealthy wife) all the symptoms completely disappeared.

— What do you do with these patients?

— Remove the internal stress. All in fact goes out of his head. Of course, in this situation, there is a positive thing — to take some of the pain of his wife to himself, but the rest … In the West, often a woman gives birth in the presence of her husband, it has been practiced in our country. And if the young man syndrome kuvad? I believe that men must necessarily examine pregnant women, because men do not seek to become a psychiatrist, they do not consider themselves to be mentally ill.

Such a person must appoint sedatives and recommend psychotherapy, consisting in the main explanation, explanation, and the explanation again. Unfortunately, our doctors are unfamiliar with such an unusual disease-like syndrome kuvad, which, in my opinion, now you need to know not only psychiatrists, but surgeons, infectious disease, obstetricians-gynecologists.

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