Kyrgyzstan is concerned about the continuing decline of glaciers

Ongoing global climate change may lead to the complete disappearance of mountain glaciers of the Tien Shan within the next 90 years, said Wednesday in a speech at an international conference in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Deputy Prime Tayirbek Sarpashev.

"Kyrgyzstan — a mountainous country, in which about 94% of the territory is vulnerable in a warming mountain ecosystems. During the last 100 years the average annual temperature in the country has increased by 0.8 degrees, which is higher than the global average. Such dynamics of growth temperature will reduce glaciers by 50 percent by 2050, and to the 2100-th — in their disappearance, "- said Sarpashev, noting that global warming is doing great damage to the economy of the country.

According to him, climate change is already leading to increases in landslides, floods and landslides in Kyrgyzstan with numerous casualties and great material damage. In addition, there is a loss of biodiversity in the region.

According to scientists, in Kyrgyzstan has about 45% of the glaciers in Central Asia with a total area of over 8,000 square kilometers, the mountain rivers that feed the region. The total volume of the ice mass of the republic for the last 20 years was reduced by 20%.

In VI high-level conference of the European Union and Central Asia, dedicated to cooperation in the field of environment and water resources, in addition to representatives of the countries of the region are participating State Secretary Italy March Dass, Minister Delegate of the Ministry of Water, Forestry and Fisheries Romania Lucia Ana Varga , EU Special Representative for Central Asia, Patricia Flor and others.

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