La Fayette

These multi-purpose frigates, designed by world-famous French shipbuilding company DCNS, belong to a class stealth frigates. They are built at a shipyard in Lorient company. The structure of the French fleet includes the following ships of this class: La Fayette (tail number F710), Surcoef (F711), Courbet (Courbet) (F712), Aconit (F713) and Guepratte (F714).

First ship Series — Lafayette, was commissioned in 1996, and the last, Guepratte — in November 2001. The company DCNS also built a version of the anti-submarine frigates to Taiwan Navy (Kang Ding Class frigates) and air defense version for Saudi Arabia (frigates F3000S) within the framework of programs from Savary II. Another 6 Delta Stealth frigates ordered Singapore, these projects have also been developed on the basis of the La Fayette. All the ships that entered service programs from 2004 to 2009. These vessels are known as Formidabl class frigates, and a story about them you will find on my website.

These ships can not be considered vsepolnotsennymi stealth ships. Would be more correct to call them with elements of stealth frigates. In the middle of the stealth parts, be sure to note the board with tilt inwards at an angle of 10 °, which minimizes dissipation surface, just a series of La Fayette ships are painted a special radar-absorbing paint.

Frigates La Faya have the following dimensions: length — 125 m, width — 15.5 m and a draft — 5.85 m The crew consists of 164 people.

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The ships are equipped combat information system TAVITAC 2000 manufactured by Thales.

Of control systems are equipped ships of CTM system DCNS, which consists of a radar Castor, an infrared tracking system and a laser rangefinder. In addition, the ships have optical system targeting TDS Sagem's 90.

The main armament of frigates are Exocet anti-ship missiles. Quadruple Two launchers are in the middle of the ship between with 2 masts. These rocket has a range of 70 km and a speed of about Mach 0.95. These missiles are equipped 165 pound warhead. Since 2006, the Navy began to receive upgraded missiles, which will already have a range of 180 km.

Other arms of the ships are equipped air defense system, Thales Crotale CN2. System uses the VT-1 missiles have range of up to 13 km and speed of Mach 3.6. These missiles are equipped with radar and infrared homing. On frigates are 24 such missiles.

In the future frigates to be upgraded vertical launch air defense system that will use the VLS missile Aster. According to the plans of the frigate should be 16 pieces.

Of artillery weapons in the bow of the vessel is placed 100 mm gun, which has the firing range of 16 km. A rate of 80 cannon shots per minute. Also on the ship, there are two 20 mm universal skorostrelki with the rate of fire of 720 rounds per minute and has a range of 10 km.

The ships are to land helicopters weighing up to 10 tons such as the AS 565 MA Panther, SA 321G Super Frelon or NH 90. Helicopters may be used in waves up to 6 points.

As a means of combating protivolokatsionnoy ships equipped system of Thales-ARBR 21 (DR 3000S) which signals the radar illumination. It is set in the upper part of the mast.

The ships are equipped with 2 start jamming systems which are installed on the deck at the stern of the ship.

For the detection of air and sea targets ships equipped radar Sea Tiger Mark 2 which mounted in the upper part of the second mast. The highest detection range of up to 100 km.

Radar Thomson-CSF Castor 2J, is designed to control the fire and has range up to 14 km. There is also a radar Crotale, serving for the fire control radar and two Model 1229 for navigation and control helicopters.

The propulsion system consists of a combination of diesel and diesel-electric installation CODAD. System consists of 4 engines SEMT Pielstick 12 PA6 V 280 STC capacity of 21,000 liters, p. that enables the development of ship speed of 25 knots. The energy is transferred to the two shafts with controllable pitch propellers. Ship also equip the bow thruster propeller. La Faeyt class ships have a cruising range of 9000 at a speed of 12 knots.

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