Lake Ladoga in Karelia

Lake Ladoga in Karelia

Apart from the charming nature and a rich flora, Karelia has natural resources that you will not find anywhere else in the world, which makes it even more attractive to tourists. For example, the largest freshwater lake Europe — Lake Ladoga, located exactly here, where you can spend otliny recreation in Karelia. This lake able to win at least some own beauty. There are about 500 small islands. Most of the islands are concentrated in the northern part of the lake. The largest island of the northern part of the island of Ladoga — Vaalamskie islands (50 islands), Mantinsaari, Konevets, Heynyasensaari, Vossinansaari, Lunkulansaari. In the southern part of the lake islands less. The largest southern islands — Zelentsy Ptinov. They are even less of islands located in the northern part of the lake.

It is recognized as a rich and glorious nature of Lake Ladoga. Water in the Lake Ladoga quite clear that amazes many tourists and fishing Karelia on this lake is amazing. Some mid-winter the lake freezes not. In Ladoga lake is home to about 60 species of fish, among them: lamprey, sturgeon, sturgeon, salmon, trout, lake char, whitefish, ripus, whitefish, grayling, ruff, goby chetyrehrogy, smelt, smelt, pike, roach, tench, gudgeon, bleak , chub, dace, chub, ide, minnow, rudd, bream, white-eye, bream, blue, saber fish, carp, loach, spined loach, loach mustachioed, stickleback, perch, catfish, eel, Syrty, burbot, perch, and bullhead. In addition to various fish here long live seals.

But it is not only the rich nature and the abundance of fish attracts tourists. Most vserasprostranenny form of recreation in Karelia — it cruises on Lake Ladoga. Most are popular are cruises on the Valaam archipelago. The second most popular are fishing tours, because the abundance of fish simply beckons to the shores of Lake Ladoga fishermen. Also vserasprostraneny different hikes along the shores of Lake Ladoga. In these campaigns, tourists can get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the Karelian people to visit some of the town and village. This type of tourism is especially popular with tourists from Western Europe. Such recreation is very different from the ordinary beach, for example, gathered at the recreation Skadovske in, you will see there are completely different, if in Karelia.

Numerous travel agencies can offer a lot of different routes on Lake Ladoga. Each route will have its own characteristics. Some only like water travel, while others prefer to walk the earth. But for those who wish to behold as many exciting, it's better to pay attention to the combined programs.

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