Large dental fraud. Fluoride concreted your pineal gland

How often do you brush your teeth? Most likely, one or two times a day. And how often have you thought about what substances are found in toothpaste, which you use from day to day, month after month? Perhaps, just as I do — never. If like me, you rely on the recommendations of the "Dental Association." And in vain.

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After I caught the eye of the information about the dangers of fluoride, I really thought about the fact that never before I did not have even thought about how to read the box structure of toothpaste. Not to mention getting to know more about the components themselves. Frankly, all the information I learned from fluorine posters, videos, and sometimes from dentists.
To his surprise, the searching, I found so many "interesting" of fluorine and the effect of this substance on the body, which is still located in a light shock. This article — food for thought.

What is fluoride and fluoride

Fluoride (Fluoride) — is an ion of fluoride. All organic and inorganic compounds containing fluorine — that is fluoride, which will be mentioned in this article. Fluoride — a gas, and in nature it is often in compounds with other substances, such as calcium fluoride (CaF) or sodium fluoride (NaF).

Fluoride — a natural element that is part of the earth's crust. So naturally, a small dose of fluoride (much less than 1 millionth of a) is contained in natural water. Plants naturally absorb fluoride from the soil and water, so that a small amount of fluoride is present in all of our food and water, and accumulate in the tissues of animals and plants.
Despite the fact that fluoride — a natural substance, it is toxic to humans, far more toxins than lead. Injection of 2.5 grams of sodium fluoride (a standard ingredient in toothpaste) — lethal dose. Amount of fluoride in a tube of toothpaste medium sized enough to kill a small child, if you use the whole tube at a time. Toothpaste with fluoride contains a much higher concentration of fluoride than fluoride in nature.
Originally started to add fluoride to the water, because it was thought that fluoride is extremely useful for healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay. And already then in toothpaste. In some countries, such as USA, fluoridated about 2/3 of the natural water.
How does fluoride in fighting tooth decay?
It is believed that fluoride is toxic to bacteria. Bacteria, like all living forms, too, eat, and as a food use sugar (glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose or food starches) and waste products of bacteria that can dissolve tooth enamel is the very acids that cause demineralization of the tooth or tooth decay . Fluoride poisoning bacterium, reducing its ability to process sugar. Unfortunately, fluoride is so toxic that the use of poison, not only bacteria, but also other cells.

The risk of the use of fluoride

Fluoride can bring serious health problems even when used in small doses, which are available in toothpaste and fluoridated water.
Fluorosis — chronic intoxication with fluorine. There are two kinds of dental and skeletal, is expressed in the terrible symptoms will not even describe them.
There are also more than 30 animal studies which suggest that fluoride — a neurotoxin that reduces cognitive abilities (language, speech, mental ability) and memory. In effect, fluoride makes you more stupid.
There are many health problems associated with fluoride, if you are not afraid of scary names and know English, the list of diseases can be found here:
Most of the information was made public only in the last 10 years, before that it was strictly classified.

Now, strawberry, though bitter

Why do people start adding fluoride to toothpaste and water?
As always, this story involved a lot of money and politics. The history of the myth of the usefulness of fluoride in the book "Fluoride — a great deception» (Fluoride Deception), published by the well-known journalist and BBC producer Christopher Bryson, which is based on 10 years of study of the facts and rumors on fluoride. In this book, Bryson talks about the most important personalities and academic institutions that have played a big role in that fluoride is used for the prevention of dental disease in the United States and the world.
Advocates of the theory of fluoridation say that with respect to F, there are two different questions, disjoint. The first relates to the fact that fluoride is industrial waste in the production of the metal, and the second question the usefulness of fluoride for dental hygiene. This is not true, as both these two tightly interwoven story lines from the beginning.
Thus, the beginning of the story. The first statement that fluoride are good for the teeth and that they should be added to drinking water to prevent dental disease, it has been a kind of researcher Dr. Gerald Cox of the Mellon Institute in g.Pitsburg. Cox began the study of fluoride on the proposal Francis Frere, director of research laboratory of the American Aluminum Company, which, obviously, was very concerned about the big problem of air pollution and the nature of the area, adjacent to the aluminum plant, and the negative impact of fluoride on health of factory workers.
You should understand that Mellon Institute served as chief counsel for all the big companies metallopererabatyvayubschey industry, so there is absolutely no chance in Nike that such proposal was exactly the researcher of the Institute.
At that time, in the period from 1956-1968 g, on the harm caused to health by one fluorine, the court received more complaints than the rest of the 20 (!) Pollutants combined. Definitely there was a pressing need to somehow protect themselves from such a huge number of lawsuits, and for this very good idea to have a theory based on actual research, preached that fluorides are beneficial to health.
Another advocate of fluoridation was Harold Hodge — one of the most influential and senior doctors and researchers. This man enjoyed unquestioned authority of the powerful health and not let one work in support of the fluoridation of water, the implementation of which was seen in 1957.
We now know that Hodge was one of the organizers of the experiment on the effect of radiation on the health of people who are vaccinated plutonium.

What's the connection?

Straight. He served as chief toxicologist in "Manhettonskom" project. The purpose of this project was to develop a nuclear bomb, which is then dumped on Herosimu and Nagasaki. Hodge investigated the toxicity of all the chemicals that are used in the production of the atomic bomb and fluoride were the main problem, because when a bomb they were used in incredible quantities.
The documents, which the author found Bryson, it was clearly written that Khoja given the task to provide information that could help the government and the army to defend against legal claims related to personal injury. In contrast, all of the information that can be used against the army — should be removed.
If it had been recognized that water fluoridation is harmful, all organizations working with fluorine, including the Commission on nuclear energy, the government and the U.S. military, would be subject to endless lawsuits. In other words, there was no chance that Harold Hodge framed to such influential organizations.
Along with Hodge, known physician and promoter of the theory of fluoridation, Dr. Kehoe published a scientific paper on the beneficial effects of fluoride. This work was sponsored by the following organizations:
Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA), Aluminium companies in Canada, Institute for Research GSM America, Dupont, Kaiser Aluminum, Reynolds Metals, United Steel, National Institute for Research in Dentistry (NIIOS). Personal files for links Kehoe cooperation with the Committee of Legal fluoride that Kehoe provided materials to protect corporate clients (list above) from claims related to fluorides.
In addition to all, to sell the nation fluoride helped by none other than the father of public relations — Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, who was a true professional and an evil genius in creating an attractive image for harmful products. Brother, Oscar Ewing, Edward L. Bernays, was a good psychologist, he was a nephew of Sigmund Freud. Edward led the research on the management of human intelligence, but rather society. He even published a book called "Propaganda", besides promoting fluoridation, Bernays was involved in promoting cigarettes. Bernays was invited NIIOS to assist with public relations company for the "sale" of fluoride nation. Their plan was to convince the doctors dentists that fluoride good for your teeth, and then the dentists themselves "sell" F everyone else.
For decades, the use of fluoride promoted among the population, ranging from school. The scientists, who said that instead of good fluoride has on the human body have a material adverse effect, fired, harassed, ridiculed in the press. Only recently, some scientists have been able to publish the results of studies showing the dangers of sodium fluoride in the application of approved standards, even in doses.
Not hard to guess that the paste, which was the most widely publicized («Colgate», «Blend-a-med», «Aquafresh» and so on) have a highest content of fluorine. People began to buy the toothpaste because it proved its usefulness, but because many times repeated lies (in the form of advertising) came to be regarded by many people as the truth. To widely promote fluoride to the masses has been used this psychological trick.
What to do now?
First you need to look at this issue "open eyes" (a good idea to connect the brain) and make their own conscious decision. Common sense dictates that you should not take (the more regularly) a substance, if you do not fully understand what it is like.
My opinion is that even if there is a slight suspicion that fluoride can be harmful — it makes no sense to use them. In this case, a huge amount of material convinces us that it is better to abandon it.
Additional Information:
Countries that have stopped, rejected or banned water fluoridation: Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern. Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland.
Fluoride is harmful to the pineal gland (third eye or intuitive body)?

American Pharmaceutical Ministry (FDA), sodium fluoride is registered as a rat poison!

Fluoride is harmful to the pineal gland (third eye or intuitive body

Until 1990, no tests were conducted on the effect of fluoride on the pineal gland. The pineal gland or pineal gland — a small piece of iron, which is located between the two hemispheres mezgovymi.
The ancient philosophers and saints of the East believed that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul. Epiphysis is the central point of interaction between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is the center of all that we carry the spiritual and the physical plane. Awakening, or activation of the cell will take you back to optimal health at all levels.
The pineal gland regulates the secretion of melatonin — the hormone "youth", which helps regulate the achievement of sexual and spiritual maturity. In turn, melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland of serotonin — a substance that is clearly associated with higher cognitive function of man. Obviously no accident that requires activation of enlightened consciousness pineal gland, Bo tree under which Buddha sat, was rich in serotonin.
But no less important, is the fact that the pineal gland is responsible for the immune system, it is working properly protects the body from harmful effects that free radicals have on the brain.
One of the initiators of this research physician Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England. She proved that the pineal gland gets first jeopardy fluoride. Also, according to the study, an excess amount of this element at the level of the pineal gland leads to severe dysfunction, causing early puberty and reducing the body's ability to fight free radicals.
Fluoride can cause genetic change of the fetus during pregnancy, increasing the risk of cancer. Several studies have shown that fluoride can cause bone cancer.
The worst thing is that it's almost no one pays attention. Think about what would happen to the industry if widely published studies that fluoride — toxic!
The most significant influence fluorine compounds have on the thyroid gland. Fluoride, like iodine, is halogen. From school, we know the "Rule replacement halogen", which states that any halo with lower atomic weight replaces a halogen compound of high atomic weight, within the group. As we know from the periodic table, iodine has a higher atomic weight than fluorine. It replaces iodine in digestible compounds, thus causing the deficit. Chlorine, which is widely used for water treatment, has the same properties, but it is less active than fluorine in the chemical level.
According to research by "bold" scientists, cases of thyroid cancer began to increase from the beginning it was promoting the benefits "of fluoride." The thyroid gland controls many processes in the body metabolism, compromising its work can have serious consequences for people, including completeness — not the worst. After the promotion of fluoride in the U.S. population has become hard to gain weight, the relationship between these processes are also tracked by scientists apostates.
Neutralizing the pineal gland in theory can be done by a very strong influence of fluorine on it. Fluoride can destroy the bones, teeth, and this same pineal gland. Its like he is concreted.
Among the consequences of the prolonged use of fluoride occur: cancer, genetic damage DNA, obesity, lower IQ, lethargy, Alzheimer's and a few others.
If anyone does not know, fluoride is found in almost all toothpastes. And if you do not remember that on the recommendations of doctors teeth should be cleaned twice a day. Incidentally, the claim that fluoride was used for the mass mind control in Germany and the Soviet Union in the mid XX century.
But the influence of the thyroid gland — not the terrible damage that can cause fluoride. This element is actively reacts with aluminum, which is still widely used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils. In response, fluoride and aluminum form aluminum fluoride, which is able to overcome the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier is a protection for the brain, getting through it, aluminum fluoride is deposited in nerve cells. The effects of aluminum fluoride on the brain can be devastating, it can cause dementia, a wide range of nervous and mental disorders. According to the same taboo research, since promotion of fluoride incidence of Alzheimer's disease have increased significantly. Not surprisingly, the United States, where fluoridation is used particularly well, is one of the leaders of the incidence of this disease.

Handbook of Chemical:
Sodium Fluoride (sodium fluoride) — a synthetic component in the form of white crystals. It is used for oral care, as an antibacterial agent. The active part of the molecule — fluoride ion. Fluoride reduces the ability of bacteria to produce acids and, remineralizing the tooth, which were influenced by acids produced by bacteria. Marked "Danger."
Sodium Fluoride — very dangerous. Can be fatal if it is inhaled or ingested. Early symptoms of poisoning — nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness. Later — the nervous and cardiovascular death.
It affects the respiratory system, heart, bone, circulatory system, central nervous system and kidneys. Causes irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Irritation can occur at once.
If inhaled, causing severe respiratory irritation. Symptoms — cough, sore throat, shortness of breath. Irritation can occur at once.
When taken in, toxic! May cause salivation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pains. Weakness, trembling, shortness of breath, heart attack, seizures and coma. Can affect the brain and kidneys, and the cardiovascular system. Death can occur, resulting in paralysis of the respiratory tract. The approximate lethal dose — 5.10 grams.
After contact with the skin, causing irritation, redness, pain. Solutions — corrosive. The consequences may not appear immediately.
Eye contact — irritation and serious eye damage. The consequences may not appear immediately.
Constant exposure to sodium fluoride can cause mottling of teeth, bone damage (osteosclerosis) and flyuorozis. The symptoms of the latter are brittle bones, weight loss, anemia, hardening (liming) ligaments, deterioration in the state of rigidity of the joints.
Particularly susceptible to sodium fluoride people with diabetes and kidney failure.

How dangerous overabundance of fluoride?

All the big questions overgrown adding fluoride to municipal water, as well as other methods of their use. Synthetic fluorine compounds are added to municipal water in some countries (not in Russia), and also used in the beverage, food and hygiene products, in particular, toothpastes. The following compounds are used most often: ftorokremnievaya acid (fluorosilicate acid), sodium fluorosilicate (sodium silicofluoride) and sodium fluoride (sodium fluoride). These compounds are the products of nuclear waste, aluminum, and, most often, the phosphate industry (fertilizers).
Fluoride is not output from the body quickly, but accumulates in the bones and teeth. Recently, it was also found to accumulate more rapidly in the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. The consequences of dental fluorozisa, bringing serious damage teeth everyday use fluoride-containing toothpaste has been documented. However, officially continues to promote the use of fluoride to prevent tooth decay. The fact that fluoride may be doing more harm than good, continues to be ignored.

Large dental fraud

Prolonged daily use of fluoride in the form of sodium fluoride has also been associated with the following health conditions:
— cancer
— genetic disorders at the DNA level
— thyroid disease, with further implications for the entire endocrine system, including obesity
— Neuroscience: reduced IQ, inability to focus, fatigue, lethargy;
— Alzheimer's disease;
— disturbances in the activity of melatonin (a hormone the pineal gland), lowering the anti-cancer protection, sleep disorders;
— calcification of the pineal gland and blocking.
Home use of fluoride is associated with its use for the treatment of uranium in 1940. There are also allegations that fluoride was used for the mass mind control and obedience of the masses in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States.
It is important to remember that boiling water only increases the levels of fluoride in it. Reverse osmosis technology (reverse osmosis) sufficiently available and works great for water purification from fluorine. Devices using this technology for water purification, can be found in various public places, or, if desired, and the availability of funds, establish a home.

Lying in a beautiful package

More and more scientists are beginning to say that one of the greatest deceptions of mankind is fluoridated. Toothpaste, water saturated with fluorine — we think that it is beneficial, and enriches the enamel fluoride, keeping our teeth healthy and beautiful. For decades, leading researchers say the benefits of fluoride, conducted propaganda toothpastes with fluoride, water fluoridation was recommended and used everywhere. This situation is relevant for today, with the difference that more scientific minds cease to cover the great deception and discover the secrets of …
Concerns have long realized that the best way to get rid of industrial waste — to sell them to people that they have consumed this stuff inside, that is eaten. One of the most egregious crimes of this kind of global — a program of water fluoridation and toothpaste in the West. Toxic Fluoride began to accumulate in large quantities in the production of nuclear bombs deployed in the "Manhattan Project." In the state of New Jersey in landfills DuPont began to pile up mountains of toxic fluoride, they are washed off by rain and into the soil. Soon withered and died around the vegetation and pets, and residents sued DuPont in court. DuPont hired lawyers and doctors on a mission to find the fluoride kind of "therapeutic use." Thus, was fabricated fake that fluoride strengthens teeth. As a result, DuPont not only got away with a lawsuit, but got a perfect opportunity to get rid of toxic waste, selling for domestic human consumption. Billions of people drink water and eat it with toothpaste, sodium fluoride, and the fluoride will not strengthen the teeth is not a single person. Only people who are interested in the problem, knows that the only benefit received chemical company DuPont, which has since sold its toxic waste at the price of gold and clears its toxic dump by passing through organisms billions.
Now for a list of toxic effects of sodium fluoride used for chlorination of water and toothpaste. Most stations use water fluoridation with aluminum sulfate and fluoride. Both substances, mixing to form a toxic aluminum fluoride. Aluminum is a foreign element for living organisms. It is toxic to the kidneys and is virtually eliminated from the body and accumulate in the brain causes Alzheimer's disease or in Russian premature senility. Fluoride you drink water or toothpaste is rapidly absorbed into the body and for the most part concentrated in places where the calcium in the bones and teeth. Even just 20-40 mg of fluoride per day inhibits job very important enzyme phosphatase, which is required for calcium metabolism. As a result, fluoride bone thickens but makes them brittle.
In the early 1980s, it was discovered that fluoride stimulates bone growth, but causes bone deformation type of bone, including heel spurs. Several studies have linked the increase in hip fractures with the consumption of fluoride. Were also published evidence that fluoride inhibits other enzymes in a dose of less than is present in drinking water. Some researchers believe that fluoride — is carcinogenic. National Laboratory of Agony (U.S.) in 1988 published a study that fluoride turn normal cells into cancer cells. Japanese doctor Tsutsui showed that fluoride not only cause the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells, but the cells and genetic damage in connection with which it is harmful to pregnant women.
Even a government study in the U.S., analyzed 156 cases of death from cancer, concluded that fluoride accumulates in the tissues and a way to cause cancer and other deadly diseases. The scientific work of Dr. Dean Burk — chief chemist of the National Cancer Center of the United States has shown that drinking and being in fluoride toothpastes immediately called in the U.S. for at least tens of thousands of cancer deaths each year. Another study found that the frequency of extremely malignant bone cancer in children called osteosarcoma is significantly higher in the population, consume fluoridated water.
Research by Procter and Gamble showed that the concentration of fluoride, even at half the concentration in drinking water, causing genetic damage. In cultures of human tissue and mice fluoride induced chromosome aberrations. Dr. John Yamoyanis believes that from fluoride poisoning die each year 30-50 thousand people. (Dr. John Yiamouyiannis The Aging Factor). In this book, Dr. Yamoyanis shows that fluoride causes damage to the human immune system, that is, to put in your own words — causes immunodeficiency syndrome, that is, contributes to the emergence of AIDS. He notes that a general inhibition of the enzyme system of human fluoride causes premature aging of the total destruction of collagen, the connective tissue that is, the immune system and genetics. In addition, the proven link fluoride with infertility.

Toothpaste — how to choose?

Toothpaste — what could be easier and more familiar. Brush your teeth with toothpaste is one of the first parents of the children they teach. But how to buy a good natural toothpaste that our choice was not imposed on advertising or habit? — Please inform yourself on the subject of the quality and composition — the ingredients included in your toothpaste. Because very often happens — a person buys the 10th in a row toothpaste, and things are there — no bleaching, no perceptible effect for sensitive teeth, much more than the treatment of toothpaste — no. But in the advertising said that it is the best toothpaste, although the production, quality and full complement word.
Consider the question of choice of toothpaste as an example the very popular and often advertised component of fluoride. Toothpaste with fluoride or without? Should fluoride contained in toothpaste, or not? This question is hotly debated. According to Dr. R.Kartonu, former EPA scientist, "Fluoridation is the greatest scientific fraud of this century, if not the whole story." Most studies point to a serious threat to the health of fluoride: it can be a cause of ill health, birth defects and premature death.
Dean Burke, a former chemist, U.S. National Cancer Institute states that "fluoridation causes more cancer deaths than other chemicals."
Dr. AE Swab in his book "Choosing purity", said: "Fluoridation of drinking water is criminal, it is not scientific, it is chemical warfare. Fluoride not only strengthens the teeth of it also harden the arteries and the brain. " Fluoride receive fluoride rinsing air emissions from molten metal or phosphate fertilized plants.
In the 40s, when he first suggested the benefit of fluoride to prevent tooth decay, alyumineplavilnaya industry persuaded the government to add fluoride to the water easy and economical way to get rid of toxic waste. It is interesting to note that the studies are based on the use of fluoride to prevent tooth decay, later revealed inconsistent, possibly rigged. On the contrary, as the majority of studies, no fluoridated water or fluoride toothpaste does not reduce tooth decay.
Today, people swallow a huge amount of fluoride from multiple sources. Fluoride not only in toothpaste, but in the water, drinks, juice, all foods prepared with fluoridated water. Dental fluorosis, fluoride poisoning, characterized by softening and mottled tooth enamel. In 60% of children were found to these symptoms. Do not use toothpaste with fluoride. Much better pasta with propolis, myrrh, baking soda or tea tree oil
Dr. J. Yamuyannis in his book "The Fluoride aging factor" writes: "With such an ally as truth, it is easy to win. The truth is that fluorination chronically poisoned millions. " This eminent biochemist, was the editor of Biochemistry Chemical Abstracts Service of the greatest global chemical information center. When he began to question the safety of fluoridation, he was asked to be quiet: in jeopardy millions of dollars in federal investment. Within weeks, he was forced to resign.
Particularly good toothpaste is ultrathin silica powder, which is perfectly helps remove stains from teeth and polish teeth without breaking the enamel. The choice is yours.
Fluorophosphate, sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate absent in toothpastes such as: "New pearls with calcium" (Russia), "Forest Balsam", "Cedar balm», «Splat», «Sunshine Brite», «ROCS» (Switzerland- Russian).

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