Larissa board Heniyush Vawkavysk will be judged?

Today Vawkavysk happened opening of a memorial plaque dedicated to the famous Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush. The sign disappeared from the wall of a private house on the street of Victory, 40. Local ethnographer Nikolai Kovalchuk, who hung the sign, has been detained. He was released from the site of only three hours.

If next to the house number 40 on the street Victory began to gather fans of creativity Larissa Heniyush, they saw only the hole in the wall, the most plaque was not. Was on duty in front of a police car and "Volga" with people in civilian clothes. In Kiev came from Minsk poets Nyaklyayeu and Michas Scoble, ethnographer Anatoly Bely (He was the main initiator of the memorial plaque), a researcher of literature Anatoly Sidorevich, critic Alexander Fyaduta, were people from Bridges, Svislochi, Zelva, Grodno.

Gas Service announced an alarm at the house number 40 on the street Victory

Suddenly, the siren of a car drove up gas emergency. Working grabbed a short fence with a sign banning travel and jogging rushed forward to put it near the house from which the sign was gone, dedicated to Larissa Heniyush. The same sign placed at the other end of the street, banning travel on a plot of about two hundred meters. Stopped the shuttle, forcing passengers to go on foot. A team of workers "Oblgases" immediately began to get home, as if checking gas pipes. This applies particularly to the house number 40, in the yard the dog started barking. And under this barking Michas said Scoble, Anatoly Bely, Nyaklyayeu. They came out and told the hostess that the sign did in the morning was still hanging on the wall, but then someone took it off.

V.Neklyaev, A. White, M.Skobla near the house, which had disappeared from the memorial sign

Nekljaev"Maybe tomorrow these people, which is arranged just vandalism, and let them do not understand it, but they will — because we do — tomorrow or the day after embarrassing. Because they are not fighting against us, not against the people who want to here hung a plaque to a book, another about Larissa Heniyush — they are fighting against the future. This is a hopeless struggle. We will win Heniyush win, you win, win Belarus. Long live Belarus! "

Systematically kept operational movie-lovers Heniyush

After that, the parking lot with cars on the street Victory police warned Heniyush-lovers, so they parted, otherwise it will be assumed that they hold an unsanctioned rally.

The police are warning senior — Lt. Col. Victor Yushkevich

After listening to the police, they all went to the police station Volkovysk to find out the fate of Nikolai Kovalchuk. Several dozen people entered the office, and soon the police released detainee. He came out and said that he wrote a statement that feels aggrieved because Larissa Heniyush board, which he hung on a private house by arrangement with the owners, they took off without his consent and without the permission of the owners. The police said that the fate of the signs will be "decided by the court." If he decides to return the sign, it will be given, and if not, then Mr. Kovalchuk will not get it back.

The police released Nicholas Kovalchuk out of the police station, they went out together with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu

The house that now stands on the street of Victory, 40 Vawkavysk, was built in the village Zhlobovtsy, it was born Larisa Heniyush. This was announced by the poet Michas Scoble. In 1948 the house was moved to Volkovisk.

With Vawkavysk poetry lovers Larissa Heniyush headed into the woods, where the bards sang songs, including its text, and poets read her poems as well — dedicated to her. Poetry festival was held under the supervision of the police, who also came to the forest.


Heniyush, Volkovisk, sign

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