Laser gun for river tanks

In the late 1950's — early 1960's. the Soviet Union had ceased designing new artillery armored vehicles. But in 1965, the Navy together with Minsudproma approved the design task river gunboats (ACA) of the project in 1204 (code "Bumblebee"). With all of this all are in service with the BCA in 1965 were also reclassified AKA, almost becoming the founders of the "new" subclass combat boats.

The reason for such a sudden reversal yavna completely by the mid-1960s the remaining ships of project 1124, 1125 and 191-M at the technical level and obsolete, and by the early 1970s. and the Navy and Marine Border could remain without so necessary armored. Not the last role was played by the frisky deterioration of relations with China — was on the Amur river must have its own power.

According to the requirements of tactical and technical specifications (TTP), river AKA the project in 1204 was intended to solve problems as a patrol on the rivers and lakes, and the defeat of river vessels and enemy combatant craft, support land forces artillery and machine-gun fire, transportation l / s with arms at crossings and activities in the river basins, and for action in the coastal areas of the seas. From this followed the normal output: new artillery boat intended to perform the same tasks as the armored projects in 1124, 1125 and 191-M. In addition, for the project in 1204 stipulated the possibility of its use in coastal shallow waters of the seas. To do this (as opposed to the "dummy" pr.192) boat made a flush.

Laser weapons for river tanks

Displacement was 71 tonne capacity twin-shaft diesel powerplant is 2,400 hp, speed 23-24 knots. Reservations AKA was significantly weaker than that of its predecessor, which was justified by the limited displacement. There were also increased requirements for seaworthiness and habitability, because the conditions of service for armored past projects were very languid.

As for the main armament of artillery designed boats, the first choice of designers fell on the 90-mm gun of a new amphibious tank Object 906 (creation of the tower MK-85 has long been discontinued.) But the tank on armament was not adopted, because of what had to use the tower were built in series of tank PT-76B with a feeble 76.2-mm cannon.

As an anti-aircraft weapons in the stern of the boat was located 14.5 mm machine gun mount 2M-6, but with the emergence of jet aircraft of its value as a means of defense was very conditional. The project also included equipping the ship anti-tank missiles "Baby", but without stabilization sight shooting with such missiles laboursome carrier was impossible, and this idea was abandoned, as well as from the placement of the rear cabin 120-mm mortar rounds.

Laser weapons for river tanks

Head boat Project 1204 (Shmel class — as litsezreem, Western designation coincided with a real cipher) was built in Kerch at the "Bay" in 1967. Total in Kerch, Nikolayev and Leningrad from 1967 to 1974, was ranked 118 AKA. Of them in the Navy included 56 boats and 62 boats were handed over to the border guards. By the mid-1970s. New AKA absolutely changed the remaining boats pr.191-M. During the service in the 1204 draft were made configuration: machine gun 2M-6 was changed to a 25-mm cannon 2M-ZM, in the middle of the housing built for logging the typical "dungeon" with loopholes for the 30-mm grenade launcher AGS-17 "Flame".

Later in the stern began to install rocket launcher BM-14-17 with 17 runners, of course with an emphasis on implementation experience during the Russian war majestically units M-M-8 and M-13-M on armored pr.1124 and 1125. Total displacement modernized boats headed for 77 tons.

In 1984-1985, the Soviet Union gave Kampuchea 4 boat project in 1204, which were used on the Mekong River against the gangs "Reds Rouge." After the collapse of the USSR 6 boats departed Ukraine, 4 — and 6 Abkhazia — Uzbekistan. At the current time in the Federal Border Guard Service morchastey have less than 3 of these boats.

In 1967 he started the development of a small river gunship (IAC), and practically — River Project Monitor 1208 (code "Horsefly"). Of course it was not a traditional monitor the second World War, but as litsezreem, the top of the rocket-nuclear era, the work on this class of ships were renewed along with the BCA. Design was delayed because there was no one on sight armament and the protection of the ship in the new criteria. All the same, in the final version as the main armament was chosen two armored turret with a 100mm gun, borrowed from the T-55. In addition installed two 30-mm six-barreled AK-630 with control radar "Vympel", man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), such as "Strela-2M", two 12.7-mm machine guns, two 30-mm grenade launcher BP-30 "Flame "and 140-mm rocket launcher PC-121M" Snow. "

Project 1208 had the usual small monitor board (to reduce the infestation of affected side of the area), but a huge amount of weapons and military posts has led to the fact that the amount initially received the body was obviously missing to accommodate them. Because in the end ship got a gigantic superstructure and protruding above the deck barbettes turret offices. Booking was used to protect the brain command post, cellars and ammunition boards. Total displacement have gained 447 tons, three-shaft diesel power plant capacity 11,400 hp allowed to reach speeds up to 23 knots. Seaworthiness ensured such that the ship could act as the rivers and lakes, and in coastal areas.

Laser weapons for river tanks

IAC head pr.1208 (Yaz class) was built at the Khabarovsk plant and went into operation in 1975. The entire series of 11 units were built before 1985, with all this, the three ships were transferred to sea frontier parts, and others — of the Navy. One ship — MAK-11 — was built on pr.12081 with the installation of anti-missile system "Bastion-K", similar to that established for the modernized tanks T-55AM (missile is launched through the barrel of the gun and was ruled by a laser beam). Then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when in 1994 the connection of river Navy ships on the Amur was not there, all the remaining ships were transferred to the border guards. At the current time in service in the Far East is the only ship of Project 1208.

While it was being built parent IAC pr.1208, on the basis of its technical solutions in Zelenodol'sk PKB began designing the border river patrol boat pr.1248 (code "Mosquito", Western notation Vosh class). Reservations left unchanged, and displacement (223 tons) and armament reduced by half. Only complex AK-630 was changed to a lightweight AK-306 with manual operation of the ring sight. Three diesel engines to 1100 hp allowed to develop full speed of 17.5 knots. Head ship went into operation in 1979, and the whole series of 11 units was built in 1984.

Laser weapons for river tanks

Amur Border 1248 project completely suited as habitability and weapons and seaworthiness. If we consider it in the context of this review, it is, in fact, was a large armored boat. For the true time in the Far East in the ranks were 7 such ships.

In addition to Khabarovsk in the years 1979-84 in the case pr.1248 were built 8 more border patrol ships of project 1249 (Piyavka class) displacement of 229 tons. They have been adapted to control the border forces and were able to do the moving of staff functions.

Armament of these ships included only MANPADS, one 30 mm gun and a 30-mm automatic grenade launcher. The main power plant — the same as in the pr.1248. At the moment, these ships are part of the Amur Flotilla.

Another fascinating detail: the presentation of FSUE "NPO Astrophysics" reported that in 1986 "adopted by the joint technical service center" Aquilon "- a complex of anti-laser optical-electronic media, which is part of the coastal defense potential enemy." As a platform for placing "Aquilon" just seen "river tanks." Managed to establish such a complex laser counter on the ship, which was designated "project 12081 ".

Laser weapons for river tanks

Unfortunately, the collapse of the Union of Russian and long economic crisis put an end to this promising direction.

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