Last Leninsky Put in Belarus — in Hills

Mogilev region of two dozen regional newspapers more than a third retain the titles associated with the communist propaganda of the Soviet era. In the editorial of government publications claim that the Soviet names left on the demand of readers. Those alleged against the new names.

Desovietization and dekamunizatsyya named district newspapers in the area began in 1991 with Belynichi "The dawn of communism." The newspaper was renamed "Zara over Drutstsyu". After nineteen years peranazvanne decided in Gorki. It is called rayonka "Lenin's way":

"While studying people's thoughts on the matter. District Executive Committee to carry out the survey so far. Chairman of our Executive Committee has given such a setup, if the people will be" yes ", then it will change. Basically people -" for. "Our first historical name -" Journal of Gorki " . In 1918, this newspaper has been established. latest "Lenin" was left to the whole country, "said an employee of the editors of" Leninist path. "

Over whether to change the name, reason and the newspaper Gorki Agricultural Academy "Soviet student." According to her co-worker, to the end of the year the name of the publication will remain unchanged. Against peranazvannya — Rector of the institution:

"This year, our anniversary, and change the name of the newspaper he considers inappropriate. And so, in principle, there is a long view — to change the name of the publication. Editor is going to announce a competition among the Academy staff and students so that they have offered some options. Present name, of course, smacks of something like that … "

Besides Gorecki "Lenin way" and "Soviet student," the names of five other district newspapers resemble the ideals of communism. In Klichev area — "Flag advice", on Mstislavschine — "Light of October", "Soviet Village" — In Drybinshchyne "Path of October " — On Hotimschiny. In the editorial claim, newspapers are not renamed, as against the readers:

"For them, as they say, is a specific brand name." Path of October "- as Labour Day. Such an association in humans. Not Soviet, namely related to the achievements of some workers," — said the employee amended Khotimsk "October Road."

Hold your "Shock front" on Shklovschine. Prior to that, the name used to residents of the area, said Officer wording:

"Impact the front — it's not that kind of war, and that's the shock work. Now we have to raise this issue will not, because no one budiravav this issue."

Only three rayonki from Mogilev region have their own page on the Internet. To register in the global virtual network said "Dawn Over Drutstsyu" and "Osipovichsky edge." My Interactive address and Shklovsky "shock front." Do not have time to register it there, he was awarded the Prize of the Ministry of online information.

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