Last summer, the sun rain

Eruption occurring on the Sun, are very different. Some are limited to solar flare accompanied by another coronal mass ejection, and some are characterized by the formation of complex motion patterns and variations of magnetic field lines that describe the loops in the solar atmosphere — the corona.

July 19, 2012 eruption, which was then the second and third. Solar flare of moderate intensity occurred in the lower right side of the disc. Then, more to the right, one could observe coronal mass ejection. At last the sun to give the audience a dazzling magnetic performance — coronal rain.

Over time, the corona plasma cooled and condensed along the magnetic field lines, making them clearly visible in the far ultraviolet region of the spectrum at a wavelength of 304 A, corresponding to a temperature of about 50 thousand K. This allowed scientists to examine in detail the dance of the magnetic fields of the Sun, while the plasma is slow fell down.

The video, which we bring to your attention, filmed Atmospheric Imaging Assembly instrument spacecraft Solar Dynamics Observatory. The device received a single frame in 12 seconds, and the video is played at 30 frames per second, so that each of his second match six minutes of real time. Video covers the period from 1730 July 19 to 3:00 July 20, 2012 GMT.

Prepared according to NASA.

Category: Watching the sun and solar anomalies

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