Latin America and the war in Libya

Latin America and the war in LibyaLatin America not remain aloof from the diplomatically battles around Libya, and most of them speak out about the war. Often, their world does not coincide with the position taken by Washington, London, Paris and Rome.

March 19-23 president United States made a tour of Latin America, visiting countries such as Brazil, Chile, El Salvador. Brazil "Nobel peacemaker" Obama shocked the fact that during his meeting with President Dilma Ruseff that power has initiated an act of aggression. On the 42nd minute of the conversation 2-presidents to Obama, ignoring all protocol norms, was approached by one of his advisers and handed a piece of paper. Obama looked at him and here he took a cell phone out of the hands adviser, said: "Take Action." It made the Brazilians negative memory.

Brazil in the Security Council abstained on the Libyan resolution.

Television announcements about the events in Libya are broadcast to Latin America after treatment motivated by U.S. studios. The governments of the U.S. vassals — Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay — supported his own "partner."

The country is running a course of socialism — Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Cuba — met the news of the intervention sharply negative. Fidel Castro, for a long period of time before surgery «Odyssey. Dawn »predicted that the war was inevitable. UN Security Council resolution number 1970 and 1973 — a demonstration of contempt for any and all norms of international law. Those who disagree with this, in the words of Hugo Chavez, "had turned to powder." We look alternately implement programs from globalization to create a "controlled chaos" under the pretext for interference in the internal affairs of countries receiving a "black mark". The ultimate goal of the project — the complete destruction of enemies of globalization-American. At this moment, is the attack on Libya, in line — Iran. It looks like a systematic "cleansing" of co-operating with Russia in order to increasingly dense strategic encirclement of the latter.

According to the views of Chavez, Western coalition stormed Libya to capture the richest supplies of hydrocarbons and physically kill Gaddafi as a person owns his own Will.

Daniel Ortega asked the countries of the Western coalition with the slogan "come to their senses and with knowledge of the proposal to treat Gaddafi for dialogue." Evo Morales condemned the anger he expressed the hope that all foreigners are to blame for the death of the people of this country will be "identified and subjected to a trial."

In Latin America, with each victim of Western aggression increasing number of enemies of Western models of globalization and anti-Americanism. So, Obama has failed to address the Cinelandia Square in downtown Rio de Janeiro before 30 tyschami Brazilians because of problems with security. «Obamagohome!» — This little motto has become the most popular in Brazil. President of the United States had to act in front of the Municipal Theatre of the more moderate audience in two thousand people, of which more than half were the Yankees — the security officers, diplomats, police agents.

Throughout Latin America, having driven a wave of protests against the anger of the West. At an international seminar 42's center-left parties in Mexico adopted a declaration on the Libyan issue, and blaming anger. Among the signatories of the ruling parties: Movement to Socialism (Bolivia), the Broad Front (Uruguay) Party Workers (Brazil), the Front Farabundo Marti National Liberation (El Salvador) and the other parties and movements.

The attack on Libya condemned the second power naikrupneyshaya South America — Argentina.

In some countries fear that further state that is attacked, will become one of the Latin America — Presumably, Venezuela.

So Makarov, even in the "backyard" of the U.S., as it was called when South America are expanding the ranks of the enemies of Western model of globalization, a growing number of adherents of the socialist model of development.

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